rusty colored spots/blotches on Celeste fig leaves

centexgardengirl(8b)May 6, 2013

Hello everbody, my Celeste fig tree was looking great setting fruit and no problems. The leaves looked healthy and lush. Hadnt looked at it in a coupl of days (ankle surgery) now most of the leaves have these brown rusty spots on them. Yikes!! What is it and is is treatable? Thanks for ur help! Karen

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It's probably "Rust". Certain types of trees are more prone to it than others. The tree looks bad but it doesn't kill it. The infected leaves will eventually fall off. Rust usually affects my trees in the Fall. There is something you can spray on it but for the life of me I can't think of what it's called. If you ask at the garden section at Lowe's I'm sure they will know what it is.

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The spray name is COPPER

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Thanks guys! Karen

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