how can you tell if your fig tree is dead or alive?

panteloMay 17, 2007

i have 3 trees and i do not know if they are dead or not.

when i took them out of dormant they looked very good.buds were coming out. a week later the buds dried out and now its been almost a month and i have not seen not one bud come out. how can you tell if they are alive or not?

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pezzuti9(z5 PA)

One way to do it is for you to use your thumbnail and just nip a little of the bark off. If you see the color green under the bark then most likely it is still alive. Start near the top of the tree. If it is not green under the bark them move down the trunk to see if you can locate an area that might still have some life left in it yet.

Hope you see the color green. Let us know.

Lou NE., PA

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thanks for the tip. i will do this. right now its dark out but i will check it out.i hope they are still alive espeacilly my big one which is from gives the best tasting figs in my opinion.

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i scratched the bark of my tree starting from the top and going downwards and found no green. the only green i see is a small branch coming out of the base of my tree(bottom).
does this mean my hole tree is dead eccept for that one small branch. i am very upset.
is there anything i can do?

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sorry one more question.
if there is no green under the bark does that mean its dead for sure?should i wait before cutting and if i have to cut how do i do this.

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Bruce_in_ct(6 - CT)

It isn't uncommon for a northern fig to die to ground level, although the sequence of events for yours seems strange. If the roots system is intact, it can grow quickly from even a small shoot. I don't cut dead wood off a fig. I just keave it there and eventually snap it off.

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