Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix

ryne(6)May 10, 2010

Hey all, any of my CT fig "peeps" know where to find this product locally? either post or email me. Thanks

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Not one of your CT fig "peeps" perhaps nuts about figs though.
Here is a locator for what your looking for just type in your zip code in top right corner of page, i would call first before making the drive.
Click the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.fertilome.com/

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If you have problems finding UPM in your area at a reasonable cost........

FYI......I found a local nursery in my area which does not carry UPM; but, they do sell many other fertilome products. Since they already were dealing with Fertilome,they are able to simply add UPM to their weekly order with no additional shipping charge. Costs about $18.00 for a large bag.


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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Martin, that is a good link to Fertilome but from my research none of the locations they gave me did not work. The web site list companies that sell Fertilome products. I visited every store in my location that sold Fertilome but none had the UPM and they could not order it. Needless to say I was not happy. So I gave up looking for it. This weekend, I have to repot some trees and found a location that sold PROMIX. Some say it is as good as UPM, but I haven't tried it......yet. Good luck to others finding it in their area. Cheers, Dennis

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For me a year or two ago I started calling and most of the places carried it in my area and i asked for the prices and kept in mind the gas to get to the location as well. It worked well for me and recently another was added 20 minutes away 16.99 for a 3cubic foot bag so i bought 2, last season i was able to get the 3 cubic foot bag for 12.99 or 13.99 at another nursery and the guy told me that the next season (this year) the prices will go up which they certainly did. I also found the thin copper tags with copper wire for my plants there.
So for me anyhoot it worked out nice, but i dont often buy the upm and also use shultz premium mix amongst others.

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thanks for the input guys/gals
no one has it where i am. if i want it, i'll have to order it online. thanks again.

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