Fig Tree Questions

iKandyXotics(8)May 14, 2013

My aunt brought me a Fig tree, I am not sure what type it is , I am assuming just a common Fig. I planted it a month or two ago and I have yet to see leaves. What would I need to do , to get this growing lol ?

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Another pic

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One more

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It may just be dormant. I see some green in the top leaf so the tree is probably still alive. The blackness on some of the buds makes me think the tree was exposed too something that injured them, too much sun or too much cold?
I bought a seven foot Italian Honey fig tree (about $25.00)from a roadside nursery last year that had blackened buds in Virginia while we were on a trip. It was potbound also. When I got it home in NY we repotted it and cut off most of the blackened buds. Eventually new buds appeared, although the tree didn't grow much last year, it did get some leaves. This year it is doing much better, putting out lots of leaves and about a dozen breba figs.
You are in a much hotter climate then we are so maybe the problem was too much heat? Some shade over the tree may be helpful.

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Just leave it alone and be patient. You will be surprised. I had some cutting and I was tired of it not rooting. I put them in a black trash bag and throw it in a corner in my greenhouse. To my surprise all rooted and grew leaves. I was ashamed of myself and potted them.

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You need to be patient with your new fig as
it is going through a transition period.
It is establishing itself in a new environment which is taking time.
Since this is a new tree and you are in a much hotter climate,
terry-upstate-ny's advice of "Some shade over the tree may be helpful" is higher recommended.
Just don't let it dry out or overwater the fig tree either.
Once it leafs out, you will be amazed how fast a fig tree can grow!

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