What size to cut 55 gal. plastic drums to?

recoil_rob(6)May 7, 2010

I have finally acquired some 55gal. plastic drums to transplant my trees to, will use some of the pine bark/Turface/perlite mixture.

What is the best size to cut the drums down to? If I cut them in half I can get two containers from each drum but I am willing to get extra drums if the walls should be higher.

Also what about drainage holes in the bottom? How many, wahat size and location?

thanks, Rob

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If it were me,
I'd cut it in half and drill 1/3 to 1/2 inch holes. At least 15 or 20 holes if not more.

Just remember, The bigger the pot the heavier the pot.
Lay a few heavy rocks in the bottom to keep the wind from blowing them over.
I lay rocks on top of mine because the pots do get heavy to move.
Your choice

Good luck,

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Also consider using 1 (or 2+) of those drums to collect
nature-oxygenated-rain-water from your house-roof(s)...

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Hi Rob,
If you move your containers for winter storage something to consider if useing a handtruck you will need to wrap a tie down around it, i used to grow in whiskey barrels some years back what a pain it was useing the straps and moving em.Im very familar with those containers we use to get iol and detergent in them at work and came in white, blue and black colors and will take the sun without drying out for eons.
I keep saying i want to ask the neighbor to weld on an extra piece of steel to have a bigger bottom for easier leverage for some of my large containers.

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Thanks, not too worried about moving them, just like to know if there is any advantage to leaving them taller than cutting them in half.

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