A real deal?

sumala(9 fl)January 29, 2012

Walmart has 3 lb bags of seed potatoes for $5.38. At first I was not going to buy any but finally decided I would really miss that "fresh" taste so I picked up a bag. From idle curiosity, I glanced around the corner at the next isle and lo and behold, I spotted more seed potatoes.

This is the good part. They were from the same supplier but they were only 2 lb bags and the price was $2.98. If you buy the 3 lb bag, you pay $2.40 for that extra pound.

Kinda outta whack but I bet a lotta people don't glance around that corner and if they do, they just don't do the math.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Even with groceries etc. sometimes the smaller packages are less per ounce/unit. I think they count on people just blindly assuming larger packages are always more economical. I ALWAYS(well make that usually) check the UPC.

Even before the UPC, I "tried" to always do the math. You're right though, most people won't.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Do you grow your potatoes in a barrel or straight in the ground? I saw some seed potatoes at our local walmart as well and they were actually nice and fresh looking. I am tempted to try some but not sure how to go about planting them (in ground vs. in a barrel). If you plant them in a barrel, would it have to be wood or would the plastic ones get too hot?

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sumala(9 fl)

Sultry, I grow mine in the ground. I have tried the barrel or stacked tire method but have never been able to make it work. Last time I read about it I read a post that said you had to use late season long growing potatoes. Maybe that was part of my problem.

chuggerguy, I was kinda irritated by their shelf arrangement. Do I have to check all four corners of their store to make sure I get the best price they have available? And why was there such a huge difference?

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