Sun Burn

alynne68May 21, 2013

I brought my fig tree in last year and kept it alive over the winter. The first nice day I put it outside on my west facing balcony. The new tender leaves burned. (I think - see first pic) The new leaves look fine. (second pic) Do I take off the burnt leaves? Will the damage make it prone to disease or pests? It doesn't have too many leaves, so was worried about it's ability to sustain itself. (3rd pic) Thanks!

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Pics didn't post right, but they are pretty self explanatory

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burnt leaf. Can I not post more than one pic in one post?

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not sure about that last pic, but the rest of the tree looks fine.

what area or zone are you in?

perhaps you brought it out too late, figs can be brought out as long as there's no frost, i'd suggest about 36'F and higher if potted as not to dmg the roots.

edit: yes if you upload directly to this forum its one pic per post. or if you use photobucket or imageshack or any other photo hosting websites you can upload a bunch then link them in your post.

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Hi, alynne:

It is OK that the fig tree doesn't have too many leaves as it is
characteristic of fig tree.
The new leaf and fruit grow on the new growth of the fig tree. It will have more leaves as it grows.

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The tree will drop the leaf if it doesn't need it. It will also recoup some nutrients out of the leaf before it drops it. So, I would leave the leaf. If part of the leaves curls up and turns turns crispy and part stays green, you can always trim the crispy stuff off if it bothers you to look at it.

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Thanks for the input. The burnt leaves fell off new ones grew and my Fig looks so happy! Thought I would share.

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