Canadian sources for liners.

Sherwood Botsford(3a)June 9, 2009

I am looking for a CANADIAN source of seedlings for:

Siberian Fir

Concolor Fir

Korean Fir

Alpine Fir (Interior)

Western White Pine

Limber pine (Alberta seed source

Whitebark pine. (Eastern Slopes seed source)

Swiss Stone Pine.

Douglas Fir (Interior) (Alberta seed source.)

Anyone recommend sources?

Looking for 1-2 box quantities. (300-600 seedlings)

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Contact a local garden centre. They should be able to special order them for you. It's a little late in the season though, so you might have to wait till next year.

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

Google "Tree Farm" Edmonton Alberta.

You will find Sherwood's Forests somewhere on the first two pages.

Garden centers are poor sources for liners. They don't buy liners. In terms of trees, they generally aren't interested in anything under 6 feet. Indeed, companies are more likely to call ME to ask where they can get stuff. (Got a call yesterday wanting a supplier for willow cuttings -- 1" by 20" mixed species, central Alberta Streamside.)

The trees that are easy to find -- from reforestation companies, from a few high quality places such as Linaea Nurseries have proved a source for some things. For deciduous liners Jeffries and Atlasta have been good sources, but both have a pretty steep minimum order -- I can only order from one of them per year.

From the States I could get some of these trees from Lawyers or from Itasca. But ordering from the states is full of paperwork and delays. (My order from Itasca was opened by Customs, not rewrapped properly, and delayed for 2 weeks. 85% mortality.)

I know it's too late for this year. Many of the places I deal with have a September deadline for spring 2010. Pacific Regeneration Technologies had a deadline of Dec 2008 for spring 2010 delivery. That's right. At this moment the earliest I can get delivery from PRT would be 2011. They have a minimum order of 5000 trees, although they will lower that to 2000 if your order can be grown as part of the same batch.

If you hadn't read the whole note, I'm looking for a wholesale distributor. I'd be wanting a minimum of 1 box (270 to 500 depending on plug size) of each of several species.

I'm looking for a Canadian Itasca -- a company that is a bit quirky and grows oddballs for whatever they can get seed for.

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Gee, you never mentioned in your original post that you wanted a wholesale supplier. As it is, since you would prefer to deal with them as a customer rather than a distributor, yeah, they're not going to deal with you, since their distributors really don't like it when their wholesaler sells directly.

I find it odd that you can't find a local garden centre that can order these for you. There's one down here in Calgary that can order me pretty well anything.

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Okay, I see what you mean. I'm sorry, I'm not in the habit of typing people's usernames into Google and seeing that they own a tree farm.

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

Not a problem. I'm at that awkward stage between amateur and pro.

What's the name of that centre in Calgary. They may be able to give me a lead?

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