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ireena_7October 5, 2012

Again, I'm destroyed one part of the lawn. Soon I will not have a lawn at all. And here is my new bed. Of course, the temporary option, as usual. Part of the plant will remain here, some (big on future) will be moved to my new big meadow. Soon I will show you the horror that expectations me in this place. But I have big plans for it.

In this area grew old Plum, who left this summer killed. Of course, I use this place a lot better. And at times I wanted to cover part of the farm and garden compost box.

My poore damaged Abies lasiocarpa 'Compacta'. I hope, in this place she will be happier...

Pinu jeffrei (unknown)

Pinus nigra'Green Rocket'


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Cher(6 SW OH)

Beautiful Ireena. Everything looks lovely and your Heath/Heather choices and Hydrangea are fantastic and really compliment all your conifers. Thanks for the photos.

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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

Ireena, that's a nice new part of your garden!
I was wondering what kind of Pinus you've at the left side grafted on the high stem?
Can you also show me a detail pic about the black binding material which was used for this staking?
Thanks in advance!

Btw, Pinus jeffrei must be written as pinus jeffreyi...
I guess you forgot to type the "y" ;0)

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

You indeed have the good eye when it comes to creation Ireena.

Please tell us more about your big meadow: hectares, acres, near your home or further away, any photos?


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Nice work Ireena! That last picture is great, I love the perspective. The heathers introduce some nice touches of color, and give the whole a feeling of a painted composition. Garden art if I've ever seen it.

What is the weeping spruce towards the back (i.e., the middle one in picture 4)?

Also, I was wondering about your soil - is that your native soil, and if yes what kind of soil do you have? Did you amend it at all?

I'm working on a bit of "lawn destruction" of my own; I hope that when it's done it may look as graceful as your bed. :0)


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Thank you all for your good words!:) I love my garden and I want to share it with someone. Otherwise, it all see just me, my husband and my dog âÂÂâÂÂ:))

Edwin, this is a very common Pinus mugo Wintergold, grafted on to the Pinus sylvestris rootstock. She has not yet begun to be colored yellow - we don't have a night frosts yet...
I will reduce every year of its growth.

About binding material - it is a simple synthetic tape...


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Alex, the weeping spurce is Picea omorika 'Fassei'.

About soil - I have sandy soil, but my garden is very old - at first I grow strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, tomatoes ..... and I put a lot of cow manure:) Now, all occupied by conifers. Manure has overworked now and I use only peat with my own compost (composted mown grass). And mulch with peat too. It is for us the most common material.


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conon(6b, Southern, IN)

Very nice! LOVE the Arbies planted around your perimeter. They make an awesome screen. Your yard is a perfect example of what can be done on a small lot.

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