What is wrong with my fig? Thank you.

shockrock3May 28, 2010

Thank you for any help. Just brought the tree outside from storage. Was perfectly healthy. The last few days in MA it's been in the 90's so not sure if that had anything to do with it. Tried researching all the common diseases and couldn't find one that matched what is going on. Could someone look at these pictures and please let me know what it wrong and how to remedy? It would be most appreciated. Thank you!!

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I would say it got sun burned

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

yeap, too much sun. Dennis

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Thank you to both of you...actually I was reading one of your posts I believe Dennis where you mentioned this happening (forget which thread it was). Looks like another scorcher for a few days so it will have to come out of the sunlight and gradually work it back into sunlight. Again thanks for the responses.

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