The preferred shape of a fig tree

girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)May 5, 2010

So I've just planted two 4' tall figs in ground from bareroot this winter, and I already have an established 5 year old Black Jack fig. It occurred to me that there might be an ideal way to train and prune them, but up until now I've been letting the Black jack grow pretty much as it wants to. It has taken shape into a freeform with long, slumping branches coming from the main central trunk which is about 5 feet tall.

Should I be going for a certain shape, for example, the open vase shape with 2 - 3 scaffold branches that's recommmended for other fruit trees like peaches? Is it better to let a main central trunk develop or is there a benefit for a multitrunked tree?

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Hi Girlbug2,
in a climate where fig plants needs protection from winter there usually grown in bush form in case of dieback there is better chance of regrowth with more limbs as opposed to 1 main trunk. I 've seen pictures in nice climates where no need for winter protection grown in tree form in fig orchards for ease of land management under and around the fields and to manuver equipment.
I would say whatever appeals to you if your fig trees do not need protection from winter if they do otherwise bush form is a good idea for survival.

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