Any of these grow in SW Florida

limeysgrlJanuary 31, 2012


Keep reading and learning on here. Looking for some advice if any of these plants would grow in Lehigh/Fort Myers are in full sun to cover a sloping side of the lot and crowd out weeds:

Ice Plant

Creeping Thyme

Creeping Phlox

Purple Wintercreeper

Vinca Minor

I asked a local nursery here if creeping thyme/or phlox would grow, all they said was no, with no reason and tried to sell me some jasmine that to me looked real woody, and to me wouldn't cover as ground cover.

Thanks for any help.

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I think Vinca grows almost anywhere. As for the Jasmine, it makes a GREAT ground cover. It's too hot and humid for most of the creeping plants, which just melt, due to mold and mildew, but not this one.

I live in NW Florida, and it's too hot and humid in my area to grow ice plant, anything close to the ground, such as creeping anything. I have never tried creeping wintergreen, but I suspect the story would be the same.

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keiki(10 FL)

I live across the river in Cape Coral. My experience with the plants you listed is:

Ice plant needs partial shade in the summer. I ripped mine out years ago.

creeping thyme grows well in part shade as well. I expected it to be an annual but I have had it well over a year now.

Vinca I agree will grow anywhere as Kay said.

Phlox will grow in the winter as an annual, once summer comes it will be a gonner.

I don't know what winter creeper is.

I recommend mimosa as a beautiful ground cover for your slope.

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I've used asiatic jasmine as a great ground cover.
The winter creeper is sometimes mis named- what you want is barleria repens - lots of google images -
I have it in purple and orange (which is the native version) and the purple grows like crazy. Flowers off and on and in one summer, two plants covered 20 square feet at least. It's hardy and will flower best in full sun.
I really like this plant.
Mimosa is also good - the former owners of my house put it in, and despite covering it with cardboard for lasagna gardening, it is all over the place!
I wish creeping thyme worked here, but I've never had luck.

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