Constantine Figs - good choice for So Fla?

palmcityflMay 5, 2013

I visited 4 Lowes in South Florida, all had Ischia, Brown Turkey and Magnolia figs. Only one store had a Constantine fig, and only one at that. I took it home, but I've found hardly anything about this cultivar on this and other websites. Is it a good choice for So Fla? I have space for only 5 varieties in containers, so I don't want to waste space on a variety that isn't a prolific producer of large, tasty figs.

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Since there were no replies on this forum, I posted on the Figs4Fun forum. No one is familiar with this variety on that forum, either. I found a reference to Constantine and De Constantine figs in an old fig book from the early 1900s. I returned the fig tree to Lowes and will buy a Celeste or Brunswick fig, which are recommend for So Fla.

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