Growing a fig tree indoors

susie100(Southern Ohio)May 4, 2011

I live in a condo. Can I grow a small fig tree indoors? I do have a small balcony where it can be outdoors in summer. If I can grow one indoors, where can I find instructions A to Z, regarding soil, watering, fertilizing, size of pot, type of tree, etc. Fresh figs are not to be had here at any time of year and I don't know where to order any. Thank you for your advice.

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Here is some great info .
Hope it helps.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yes you can grow Fig tree in door. Since you have a balcony that is a plus. Use small pot first until it grows you always can go to bigger pot. As for soil you have to have a Mix I use Humus, Perlite and Moss. Sometimes I add saw dust. Don't be too generous with water and don't be stingy either. From my experience don't apply any fertilizer until the root is established or you will cripple the root.

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Our ficus tree thrived in a high rise with lots of light. but has subsisted for the last 9 years in our southern exposure but shaded dining room window, supplemented by two ugly torchieres. We're about to rewire and I'd like to add attractive and effective permanent fixtures. How many watts do we need?

The proprietor of our local plant store said he'd read that plants need at leas 250-300 watts of incandescent-equivalent light, and he was under the impression that three 100-watt bulbs would not be equal to one 300-watt, though I forget why. Is that correct?

My current idea to to use 2 of these ( enormous 65-watt CFL's in flush mount fixtures (ceiling is 10 feet and plant is 8 feet at window and about 5 feet on the other side) made from these 14" glass shades ( The tree is at least 7' across. So, 300 incandescent-equivalent watts x 2 one to three feet above the 7' diameter plant. Does this sound like it will work?

Thanks for the advice!

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susie100(Southern Ohio)

Thanks for the fig tree growing advice. I just have a couple more this a good time of year to order a tree and pot it? Do figs need to be cross pollinated in order to produce fruit? Thanks again.

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You may want to checkout what varieties are pot friendly. You can order any time but my take is to order from somewhere reputable preferably individuals who are fignuts in this forum or over at Figs4Fun forum. This way you know what you get in terms of right varieties and receive the best advise from their personal growing experience with pots.

Pertaining to pollination - common varieties don't require pollination. Given your zone, I am sure there are no fig wasp present for pollination. Hence no point getting varieties requiring pollination.

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