First time breba figs--will they ripen?

girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)May 15, 2010

Main crop figs on my Black Jack tree have never had problems ripening at the end of August, when temps are in the 80s and 90s. But May and June is usually in the high 60s and 70s. Will that be hot enough for my nine precious brebas to ripen?

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Hopefully others will also respond. I don't have your variety and your climate is warmer than mine. My Chicago Hardy drops most of its brebas, my Petite Negri keeps most it its brebas, my Lattarula keeps most of its brebas, and my Desert King is a breba-only variety in this area. Each one is different.

Good luck! Also someone else might know better!

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