New Pergola .. New Bed

lilyday(6)June 9, 2010

DH built a deck and installed a purchased p*ergola on it. Now I get to decide what to put around it. What width beds work the best for you? From 2010-05-30

The plant*s that you see along the lower edge of the photo are in pots. Would love to hear your opinions.

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I love the Way it looks with the pond there. It has a very restful effect. And you have a willow tree! I love willows.

I always plant the things I really like, especially where I will be spending time. And I like daylilies and roses, and daisies, and ...

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love you pergola! Where ever did you find it? Looks like it has a canvas or sailcloth roof?

I agree with Kay, plant what you love most around it! It will make your enjoyment even greater. Especially if it is a scented plant. :-)

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

It is so interesting! Goes perfectly with your views, and those chairs. It's very beautiful. I love that it has been placed by the water.

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)


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Mary Lu The p*ergola came from Lowes. We bought it last summer after they marked their seasonal items to 50% off. It does have a waterproofed cloth cover. DH wants me to decide how wide I want any beds around it and he will remove the grass for me. Then I can start deciding what plants to put in.

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A great garden destination with a view!

Are those pots sitting on a patio or porch? Do you want to integrate the two areas with a connecting garden? A garden between the areas with a curved path that leads to the open part of the deck (between the two containers) would be pretty. Fill the garden with your favorites.

On the pond side, I'd think you'd want to keep the plants lower so that the view isn't obstructed. A well-behaved flowering vine, perhaps annuals or clematis that won't crawl beyond the posts--would be pretty to frame the view.

Quite a nice place. I can imagine enjoying hours of time there.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I like the look of it but have a couple of questions... How is it all anchored into the ground? Which way does the wind blow/is it a windy site? That sailcloth roof could act as a sail and pull it all over on a windy day if it is not anchored well. If it fell over, that could destroy whatever you planted. So the first thing I'd do is make sure I'm happy with the stability of the thing. (How heavy is it? What's it made of?) Could you remove the sailcloth and let vines be the roof?

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I love the scenery. Great location for the pergola. BTW - I've seen this pergola sold at Lowes and know they can be well anchored to the deck.

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Woodyoak: The perogla is aluminum, the coth cover can be removed and I probably will this winter. I think it will take a pretty good wind; it has been tested once already. It was made to be anchored to either the wood of the deck or the ground but we felt more comfortable with it screwed to the deck. (The smaller part of the post goes all the way to the deck and is secured with very long screws into the joists of the deck.) I had wondered about the vines myself for I feel sure that the frame will outlast the cloth.

Cameron: Yes there are pots in front of the two of the posts. We made the deck 12 x 16, the pergola is 10 x 10 and we purposely placed it towards the back of the deck. I had envisioned that being the front and I do want a path leading to it.


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I'm thinking "less is more" when it comes to planting around your new pergola. The simple lines of the pergola and the view from it make a lovely picture already. Perhaps choose only two or three low growing shrubs and plant a couple of flowering plants in groups of twos and threes. A cool color pallet to compliment the (dark green?) of the pergola, no bright reds or yellows.

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The deck/pergola look lovely. Your property looks so peaceful!

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I think you should just add simple hedges to surround your pergola. It's quite lovely and the pond scenery is what makes this place so serene. I would suggest beds around the pond instead. Is this an artificial pond? Can you put in water lilies?

I am thinking you could add willow screens (they come by the rolls) which can be hanged from the pergola, creating privacy for you.

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a2zmom(6a - nj)

I already love the view of the pond and willow. I could imagine hours spent happily sitting there. I have to agree with everyone - a simple planting to enhance the gorgeous view.

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Thank you for your comments. I think I will keep everything really simple. I think I knew this all along and that is why I was having trouble visualizing beds around it which is not usually a problem I have. LOL I usually have far more ideas of things I want to do than I can possibly get done.

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