Fig started fruiting indoors, now dropped all fruit

nitsujMay 3, 2011

I moved my fig indoors when we had a cold streak here in Portland. Left it downstairs and it started to leaf and fruit. However, the leaves/fruit all fell off within 30 days. Now that it's outdoors (and looks how most figs around here do now, dormant) is there anything I can do so that it'll refruit or am I hosed for this growing season?


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It probably just lost the brebas. Unless you have a desert king you'll have a main season crop. Also if your tree is younger this is normal. younger trees commonly drop figs. Hope thats helpful.

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Thanks for the response. Just searched for what breba was and it was all growing on old wood. Moved the fig outdoors now and gave it a little fertilizer, looks like new shoots are starting up so we'll see what happens...

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