bemidjigreen(z2 MN)June 7, 2009

I was wondering if anyone else is as disheartened as I am with gardening this year.

The winter sure took a surprising toll on my perennials. Plants that I've had for more than 5 years have died back to the ground, everything is emerging slowing and looks very unhappy. The weather continues with cold days 50F/10C and colder nights (30'sF/0C). Its June 7 and I still have yet to put out my tomatoes and cucumbers. I have been trying to harden them off and they all suffered damage from the cold being out in the DAY!

The only thing thriving in my yard these days are dandelions and crab grass.

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I could not agree more, I have not had any frost issues, the pond and trees in the yard keep it a bit warmer than the neighbors but still... It is giving me more time to enjoy the spring bloomers though. The shooting stars are just staring to bloom and the lady slippers are just setting buds. The marsh marigolds held their flowers for ages. Silver lining maybe. But I would definitely like to see some of the other stuff get going.

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Probably the COLDED spring I have experienced! Only the tomatoes and cucs are planted out, both under cover! The bedding plants just sit and wait and wait, I have NEVER been delayed this long! I have also not planted the beans, they will definitely rot! Today, it's only a friggin 11 C ... it sucks!

I do agree that the cool conditions are great to extend the spring display of blooming plants, much extended in some cases. I've also been able to move tons of shrubs around before they had broken leaf. I myself do not do good in the heat, thus I've been able to do plenty of hard physical work without getting quite so bummed out.



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Yes, this is my worst spring yet in 6 years of Edmonton gardening. I'm maxed-out of Granny Skirts, even the ones with leaky chambers are in use, and the plants are bunched up inside and looking like they do when you open a mail order box. Environment Canada has a frost warning out for the International Airport, and I'm halfway between the City and there, so I guess I can't take them off yet. Looks like I've lost a fair number of herbaceous perennials too, although the woody plants got through with at worst moderate tip kill. Where is that bloody Jet Stream?

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"Where is that bloody Jet Stream" .... somewhere well below us :(

It's late in the evening and unless the clouds roll in or the breeze really picks up, there's gonna be lots of sad gardeners in the morning! I just checked it's only a mere few degrees above freezing. I had packed all the plants back in, no easy task! I'm so glad I had not yet planted much of anything out!



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I'm still waiting for summer to get here. This weather is really discouaging! I lost a few plants but ther are also a few that are liking this weather. My Judd V. is doing really well this year. My tomatoes and peppers are still on the counter waiting their turn to be planted out. Marg

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It's 32F on my external thermometer right now. Yikes. Luckily there's no frost.

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Late last night there was already frost upon the blankets that I had used to cover over the tomatoes. I have not yet gone out to check things, but I think any hard frost was staved off ...

With few exceptions, It's been a cold spring across almost all of Canada. The forecast now does look more promising, but will things now hold up and remain warm ???


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DrHorticulture_(Z3 Central Saskatchewan)

Brett at Accuweather predicts the rest of June on the Prairies to be near normal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Canadian Blog

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