I love mailbox gardens !

Lilyfinch z7 mid tnJune 8, 2014

I have always been drawn to people's mailbox gardens. Do you have any pictures to share ? Don't be shy !!
Today I was driving on a back country road and passed what I thought was a mail box garden. On my way back I stopped to take a picture, it was just an address sign ... But I still had to take pictures. I am thinking of doing some thing similar with a birdhouse I have.

Even tho crooked and slightly weedy , I just love the idea!
Now to get back on topic , here's my new mailbox. It is by a drainage thing ... So do you have any ideas to liven this area up ? I'm guessing the drainage is good , but soil not good. Perhaps a half whiskey barrel ?
Or a short low urn on top with something trailing ?
Please share your photos and thoughts. I think the mailbox garden are
the perfect welcome !

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That flat surface on top is just asking for a pot of some sort. Like the trailing idea, but watering would be a pain.

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I try to plant something different every year. Most years it's zinnias, like in these photos from past years. Sometimes I sow Cosmos or Bachelor Buttons. I try to choose colors that compliment the wild blue chicory that grows in front of both the mailbox and paper box. It has grown there and has come back for many years.

That being said, this year I haven't even spaded up the ground there yet. I need to get seed in asap or perhaps I'll transplant some zinnia seedlings from along the picket fence behind the house.

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I love it too... Very much !!!

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i just planted some zinnias around our mailbox. i'd love to see what other folks have done. anyone willing to post pics of the mailbox gardens?

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Virginia Creeper would grow on the brick mailbox. It might be slow to get started in poor soil, but would look nice. I thought watering a container would also be difficult.


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Sorry to be blunt, but the virginia creeper will eat the mailbox in a few years, its roots will run underground everywhere and the mail delivery person will hate your mail unless you're out there pruning a few times a season. Unless you are willing to continually water a container, consider planting one of the manageable clematis (not the ones that get 15 feet high). It will need some chicken wire or some support but the softening effect will be quite pretty.

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

Schoolhouse , I love those zinnias !! I bet they'd do great here in a dry area. Also I am considering day lilies since they are carefree. I could definitly do a clematis in a large pot . Today on Pinterest I found this inspiring pic, planning on something like it . Not going to do the crepe myrtle because I don't want large tree roots by the driveway . But I like this pic ! I don't think it'll be hard to keep watered , I enjoy morning watering .
I've seen pots like this at lowes so I'll pick one up when we move ! We close on Monday ! Yay !!

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

Lilyfinch - I love the look of that pot on top!! If you use moisture retaining soil and plants that can handle full sun and the occasional drought, I think it would be perfect. Maybe some licorice vine spilling over the edge....aahhh.


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How come my licorice vine bit the dust ??? I thought it could handle heat & full sun... Sigh. I watered too... Sigh. Dried up like a slug in salt...

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Schoolhouse's pics make me jealous... So pretty. Lush

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My brother put a pot by his mailbox with largish flowering succulents. Been there 10 years- seasonally - he adds petunias or pansies. Then let's them sink or swim. It looks nice - 2 river birches on either side of the driveway frame - very nice. Great idea. My hose won't reach the mailbox & I carry enough water already. I do like the clematis idea. Zinnias would be great too. Love the crepe myrtle idea because they don't mind being dry - or even a chaste tree !

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Even clematis needs an inch of water a week. No way of running one of those light hoses from a faucet and leaving it there?
I really do get the watering resistence. I have hoses everywhere and it really doesn't reduce watering, just the steps to the hose. I am already sick of watering and it's not July yet.

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