no fruit- great leaves, growing well

hooman1May 30, 2011

Fig tree is third year in ground. Last year had great crop, rippened well. This year has only 1 fig on. Plant is growing well after my usual winterizing progrom. After some thought and reading, I think possibilities are

1-very wet spring (too much water)

2- i use leaves to help winterize and i leave the bottom layer of leaves as 'mulch/grown cover'- is this adding too much of a specific nutrient, ie do i need to add something else-?phosphourus.

3- significant pruning- though i don't think i was overzelous...

any ideas why no fruit even though tree is doing very well?

would taking straight shovel and 'cutting' circle around tree to do some "in ground root pruning" help- when would be best time to do this?

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Too much nitrogen can result in lots of leaves but few/no fruit. Did you fertilize?

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I'm going argue against diagnosis #1(too much water) based on my experience this year. I'm also in zone 6 and have a three-year-old in-ground fig. I have lots of good leaf growth and lots of fruit. I had about six breba figs, but these are pretty wimpy and do not look like they will turn into much of anything. But I also have a fair number of main crop fruit that are just starting to show themselves.

Could the tree's microclimate be a factor (i.e., limited sun, north facing wall, wind exposure)...maybe fruit are just late in coming given the lengthy winter/spring?

There have been discussions about the benefits of limiting branch growth after about five or so leaves (or something like that) in order to stimulate fruit production. I would look this up on this list. You'll probably find this discussion over the past two or three weeks.

Good luck...Geoff RI

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thank you for the prompt reply-
i did not fertilize this year- may have done last year
if it is too much nitrogen- how do i prevent that next year- can i add something like phosphorus?

as far as microclimate- where it is, worked (fruit) last year well and the tree is growing well so i don't think that's it. I have no breba- and only one real fruit. I guess i can be more patient- but i remember fruit coming in earlier last year

would stressing the root system be of any benefit for next years crop- with shovel technique as i specified?

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Do not cut roots with shovel,that is not a good way to make a tree strong in Zone 6.
Give it limestone powder at around the tree,and pinch after sixth leaf.
Every year is different,and my plants are forming fruits now ,so you are not behind if you already have a main fruit embryos.

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