Thought I Share Few Pictures

dieselerMay 7, 2010

Well im kinda bored so i took these pictures earlier today and thought i would share.

First picture Negretta fresh cut and put into what is called a gel cup yes it has a cover that i eventually put on. ; ) for the heck of it, i have had several fail already so i dont have much faith in these gel cups.

Second picture is Raspberry Latte - no roots yet , was in baggie

Third picture Raspberry Latte with just emerging roots .

The raspberry Latte scion was in baggie for nearly 2 months doing nothing really so took some peat pellets expanded them in water added a little perlite put in cups , 5 days later one is showing roots hopefully the other will do the same time will tell.

Last picture orange pot is preto, back left potted is Black Mission NL and black pot to right is 143-36 these were rooted and placed in the containers recently.Soil looks wet but i just misted them as i do daily a little bit.

Enjoy and

Best Health


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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

Martin thanks for taking the time to post pics. I'm interested to see how that green wood cutting does in gel vs the hard wood.

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Hi Sal,
i have 2 more of these gel cups or 3 anyways i will wait and see what this one does, last week i tried another but it just went straight south. So i will use them up and probably not get anymore but i just had to try.
Next im going to reset up the aero cloner for some fresh cut ones and see what that contraption does , i just like messing with different things and if they dont do well well i just leave it at that . I gave Remis one of the Vdb that was showing small roots it may have been one of the 2 he potted up but im not sure, it was the hardwood scion. ; )

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