Italian everbearing fig

plant54May 23, 2010

I ate my first fig from this tree. It had a strawberry fig taste is this correct? I bought the tree a year ago form an internet web site.

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How big was the tree when you bought it? Do you remember the site where you bought it? Growing in pots or ground?

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I purchased this Italian Everbearing fig from a small nursery in Mesa, Arizona about 9 years ago. The tag said that it originated from the L.E. Cooke Nursery. Willis Nursery carries an Italian Everbearing fig but I've yet to see any posted pics to compare. I personally like solid figs but this one has a nice flavor. The only drawback is an open eye and tendency to sour.

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

wow, these look good! I just got a Latturula (Italian Honey Fig) from Rolling Hill Nursery. Do you know if this is similar to what you have? Is yours planted outdoor permanently?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

jollyrd, I agree! Those look good, and I like that they taste like strawberry? My first baby figs on my Italian Honey have ribs and look like they will be dark in color because the green is changing to a pale dusty greenish purple. I'm looking forward to the first taste, but I will probably have to wait a few months. Not sure how long it takes from 1" long to 2 or 3" long, and then ripe.

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Hi Leon, those do look great. I have a nice sized IE from Willis that is loaded this year so I'll have some to compare. I know the souring is going to be a problem here unless it turns out to be dry. I'll post pictures when them time comes. Tim

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leon those figs are HUGH. I got mine from Willis nursery along with a Peters Honey. The Peters havent produced anything yet this year, but both trees are beautiful. Ive had these 4' trees for 1 year growing in containers.

The Italian everbearing has about 15 figs and is no way near the size of yours, not even the ripe ones. Mine also does not have the open eye like your above photo.

Im interested in what you use as fertilizers. I want that size :) Thanks for the posting and photo.

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Thank you for your comments. I'm not sure what the Willis fig is. Please keep us posted on the taste and description of that fig.
As previously mentioned, my IE came from the L.E. Cooke Nursery (see link).
Lattarula (Italian Honey Fig) is a green fig, not purple.
My IE is in the ground. I don't use any special fertilizer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Italian Everbearing Fig

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