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nj_cherylMay 12, 2010

Just purchased my first fig tree after years of yearning to grow my own. I bought Peter's Honey because I heard it did well in my zone, and it's sitting in a one gallon pot and is about 3 feet tall. It's staked and has some leaves at the top. Then I found this forum and discovered I know NOTHING about fig trees! WHO KNEW??? Anyway, I thought it had a fig, but I'm reading it's probably a "breva"...what the heck is that? Should I transplant my fig now or leave it in the pot? I want to plant it, but I'm afraid my yard gets too wet and has poor drainage. Can I build up a mound around it? What other figs do well in NJ? Can I grow figs in pots only? Will they bear well? How big should the pots be? TEACH ME!

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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

Cheryl, welcome to the crazy world of figs. I'll let others from NJ help you with deciding what's best for your tree. I'm in Louisiana and all we do is put them in the ground and wait for summer to roll around, it's that simple. Oh and by the way a breba is a fig. It's a fig that is growing on last years growth instead of this years new growth. Most times breba are larger than the main crop and in some cases even better. As you read through the back post on this forum you will learn a lot and finally understand that you can't understand figs, ha. Good luck with your Peter's Honey, it should do well for you.

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organic_aer1(NJ 6)

Hi Cheryl.
Welcome to the forum.
I trust you had a happy birthday.
Was the fig a birhtday present?
What part of South Jersey do you live in?
I am in Burlington County close to Medford.
There are a several figs that grow well in South Jersey.
And some great people on the forum with many years of experience.
Herman from Willingboro is an expert in the growing of fig tree in our area.
Have a GREAT day


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Welcome Cheryl - We just received our first figlet (well it's only 12" and has 4 leaves) last week and I'm trying to find out what to do too. Maybe we can go through this together. I live in Burlington County. I'm curious - did you find your Peter's Honey locally. I'm interested in buying something larger than 1'.

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I am a first time figger as well (figger??? I bought mine when it was just a stalk with a really nice healthy looking growing tip. After a few weeks it brought forth wonderous fig leaves and now it looks like a 3 foot topiary of leaves at the top. But it has stopped any more new growth. I wonder if it's because it is still in it's original 5 gal pot. I also have been wanting to grow a fig for a long time. My cousins house a few streets away always had figs, but I know his soil is sandy.

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I am in Ocean County and yes, the fig was a birthday present! While the tree is 3 feet tall, it only has a "topiary" of leaves on top and a few much lower down. I really don't expect much from it right away, so imagine my surprise when this morning I noticed these small, roundish bumps poking out from above the leaf nodes. ARE THESE GOING TO BE FIGS???? I think there are about 5...I'm so excited! Also, if I want to keep it in a container, how big should it be? I'm really afraid to plant it in my yard as it gets really wet in the winter and has poor drainage and a high water table. It will drown if it's too wet, won't it? I lost some aborvitaes that way and nothing kills those bushes...I had to build a raised bed for them. Should I do that for the fig and put it in the ground?

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