rafedMay 14, 2010

Took my figs out of the garage today ( again ).

Hope this was the last time I had to take them inside till Thanksgiving. I'm still sore from taking them inside last week.

There was little frost damage on the leaves but they should bounce back.

From this point on they're on their own. Just hope there are no more frosty nights.

This is a sample of my fig collection, I hope you enjoy.

Genovese Nero

Misc potted

Melanzana Merdascola

Peters Honey


St. Anthony



Sequoia, Stella, Galbun, Drap D' Or, Afghan A

Unk Ischia


I will post more in the coming weeks, Just hope the weather will cooperate.


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pezzuti9(z5 PA)

Hey Rafed thanks for sharing the photos of your trees with us. We also can share with sore backs as well. Looks like you did an outstanding job getting all those different fig varieties to take root.

I hope all of us have a very good fig year this time so we can enjoy shall I say the fruits of our labor.
Good luck with them.
Take care.

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All these pictured with the exception to the 1gl on the 2nd picture were already potted when I optained them. Therefore I can't take all the credit. LOL

The Capelas, Gosh, Melanzana Merdascola and Genovese Nero were recently obtained from Adriano.

Thank you,

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Just potted some cuttings today.
I potted up two Enricos, Vicenzo and Nardi Black. All of which I got from Paul.
I also potted my Iraqi fig, I put it into a 1gl. and then placed it in a larger pot and filled with mulch to make it look full.
Planted my Kiwis and mt Night Blooming Jasmines as well.

Things are starting to take shape.
When I return from my trip I plan on adding some hanging baskets in the yard.


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Thought I'd take some pics and share with everyone to enjoy.
These were just taken.

Sals Corleone


Unknown Ischia


Black Triana

Figs from Willis Orchard

Thompson seedless

Hope you enjoyed them


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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Rafed, very impressive, very impressive indeed! Awesome show of beautiful figs! You got some beautiful rare ones. Wish I had them. How bout those figs! Dennis

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Rafed! What gorgeous roses! Beautiful colors.

The magnolia fig looks like it has some odd growth patterns. Do they all look like they are upside down, like weeping figs? I like that one.


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The Magnolia does appear to be an odd growing fig. Similar to the Weeping. I use garden stakes to hold the main stem from bending/folding. I also use bamboo sticks to hold the branches and keep them from breaking from the weight of the figs. The fruit gets large when it ripens. I was lucky enough to taste a few last year but most of them went to waste because we really didn't have a summer.

I will keep posting the pics throughout the summer.

Dennis, Wait till late June or early July. That's when everything is in full bloom. I think you're going to love it.


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The season has shifted another gear and all looks well.
My fig trees look great and I have many Many figlets and I can't wait!
And Yes, With the help from Bass I was able to add more variants to my collection. Thank you Bass.

Here are some pics I'd like to share with everyone.






Sals Corleone

Peter Honey figlets

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Very nice indeed.


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I just remembered,
Just ordered the Big Jim Loquat ( 1gl ).

Will keep you posted on this one.


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FYI, McBeth is another "large fruit" variety Loquat. LSU is now recommending both McBeth and Big Jim for our area. Maybe one day they will be easy to find at local nurseries.


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Hi Rafed,
its always a pleasure to see your fig plants and there progress. Thanks for posting them.

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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

Very nice Rafed always nice to see your pictures and how beautiful your grounds and figs are

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