How to separate anemone growing in my hosta?

fillagirlJune 2, 2009

Hi there, I"m new to the forum. My sister dug out part of her hosta and gave it to me last fall. I seem to have inherited an anemone (?) plant with the hosta, as both are growing together and are "interwined", looks like it will be a difficult job to separate.

Can I separate these by digging them out and trying to pull them apart? Or should I just leave it as is and see what happens? I'm worried the hosta will be overtaken by the anemone.

Thanks for your help!

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Yikes. Anemones are spreaders, although in time the hosta will probably win out and so the anemone can't do any serious damage to the plant. Still the anemone can spread far and wide and so you should remove it and perhaps plant it elsewhere where you can contain it (like using a plastic edger) Best way is to dig up the entire plant and use a hose to flush out the earth so you can see how the roots are entertwined and untangle them.


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Thanks Ianna, I will try that.

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Or, you can use a paintbrush and paint your anemone with Roundup, being careful only to touch the anemone leaves. Then there is no digging up of the hosta thereby setting it back.


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