zone 6 fig tree dead?

TiberMay 8, 2011

I think my fig tree is dead.

Should be easy to tell, right? I read on this forum that the fig trees die down to the ground when it's a cold snap. My neighbors fig tree came back just fine. Anyone else in zone 6 have a new fig tree? When should I expect to see anything from my twig?

The story behind this thing is my neighbor has one, I wanted one. Home Depot sells a "fig tree" (which doesn't tell me anything) so my neighbor agreed to get another one. I got it and figured he doesn't do anything to his fig and it's just fine so I'll just toss it in a hole and go. His fig tree came back just fine, mine looks like a dead stick in a hole. For reference, I'm just north of Valley Forge in PA, and the winter was so bad I couldn't find the bucket I tossed over my fig.

Now if I read this correctly - - if I want his fig tree, I merely wait until it's dormant, clip a branch and stick it in potting soil. Is it really that easy? Any other tips?

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I can't know for sure...but in my very limited experience, a first-year, in-ground, uncovered fig in zone 6 is surely dead. Assuming that your neighbor's plant is the same variety as yours and assuming that there are similar "microclimates" (e.g., sun, wind, water, etc. exposure), I would presume your plant dead.

I had my third-year in-ground fig covered for the winter and still lost a fair number of tips. But at this time in zone 6, it is showing new leaf and breba crop growth. Temps here have been 50s-60s during the day and 40s (sometimes high 30s) at night.

Regarding your neighbor's, I'm wondering if he did anything to protect it from the weather. Also, where is it there natural protection?

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One quick way to know if a twig is still alive,
is to finger-nail scratch the bark
- green is good - brown is bad.

Still, do not give up yet; many winter-killed figs do
come back with new shoots from (under-ground) roots.

Good luck...

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Can someone explain to me about the different zones im in south jersey and i just inherited a cluster of either black trianas or white genoas or brown turkey i keep seein zones what zone am i in and whats the diff.?Pl e mail me back thanks in advance john wysocki

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If you are in Cape May and up to Willingboro to the north then you are in Zone 7
If north of Willingboro,you are in zone 6,except 2 miles of land close to Ocean which is zone 7 up to NY.
In Zone 7 the climate is milder than zone 6,and so it is possible to grow fig trees inground with a little help from the Gardener,in the winter:mulching at base ,covering the tree with leaf bags,etc.

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