Buck's Roses

northspruce(z3a MB CDA)June 20, 2006

I know a lot of us are interested in Buck's roses, so when I saw someone (pianolady) on the Roses Gallery had compiled a web page of most of them, I thought you might like to look too!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pianolady's Buck Roses Page

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

The only one I have so far is Hawkeye Bell, not the most impressive photo at her site, but I'm sure its a beauty in person.

Thanks Gil for the website, I'll have to go back and finish looking at all the others, didn't realize there was so many in that series.


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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Thanks for that site Gillian. Boy, do I ever like Gentle Persuasion. It seems to be about the same colour as Golden Unicorn, but with a higher petal count. And I found out today that GU does have a wonderful scent........a definite keeper!

Sharon, Hawkeye Belle is much, much prettier in person than in that picture.

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Although I am not a country music fan, I love the look of the Country Music Buck Rose, for sure Gentle Persuasion is a beauty too!


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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

I too am a Buck rose fan. This is the site that I visit frequently.
The Buck roses that I have are:
2 Prairie Princess
3 Prairie Star
2 Golden Unicorn
1 Aunt Honey
1 Carefree Beauty
1 Country Dancer
2 Folksinger
1 Hawkeye Belle
1 Distant Drums
1 Serendipity + 1 that was broken off in shipping that is coming.
The Prairie Princess' and 1 Prairie Star are from last year. The rest I planted this spring. I have only seen blooms on Carefree Beauty and Folksinger so far this spring. I'm sure that the Bucks will be my favorites of all my roses. The flowers are huge and smell oh so nice. Prairie Star was my baby last year. I have great expectations for Distant Drums this year. This rose got a special spot by my foundation of my house.
Everything of mine is slow this spring. Too much rain and not enough sun. I see pictures everyones roses blooming and it makes me WANT THE SUN TO SHINE so mine will start to pop open. Last week my Frontenac and Prairie Peace started to bloom. Finally today Winnipeg Parks and Theresa Bugnet opened up. Even if it has been raining all day.
Laurie your pictures of Golden Unicorn look fabulous. The buds on mine are quit small yet. Serendipity is showing colour on her buds and they look quite orange. I'm hoping that it keeps the colour in the sun.
Right now I am starting to get worried that my roses will drown. My Rose de Rescht is starting to wilt. Probably root rot. We have had over 20 inches of rain this spring now.
Later once everything has bloomed for me I'll post my favorites of the Bucks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buck Roses

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Wondering just how HARDY these roses are compared to the Canadian varieties? ... I think most are rated to zone 4.


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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Terry I think they are borderline hardy, and I definitely give some extra winter protection for them. In 2004, I started out with 2 Prairie Stars, 2 Folksingers and 2 Hawkeye Belles. I winter protected one of each kind. After the first winter, I lost both Prairie Stars, and one Folksinger(the unprotected one). This spring one Hawkeye Belle showed green but later dried out, but it was in a fairly wet spot, so that may have been the problem. None of the original 6 were own root either. This spring I picked up an own root Golden Unicorn, which has had one fantastic and scented bloom, so I'm hoping that own root is the way to go with them. The remaining Folksinger is really picking up this year from last year, and Hawkeye Belle that is in a well drained bed has always done really well and is covered in buds now.

On Pianolady's site she didn't have Folksinger pictures, so here's mine that opened this morning.

Folksinger bud last night

'Folksinger' duet this morning

It has a nice fruity scent to it too at different times of the day, more in the evening I think.

Shelley, I can hardly wait till you start posting some those Buck blooms you have there!


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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Laurie, breathtaking!
I can't wait to see some blooms on mine ;)

I'm sure the own-roots will make them 99% hardier, but I'll still cover it with dry straw come freeze up.

Big Hugs Shelley, I'll do a sunshine/dry-up dance for you ;)


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jpw_chi(5b Chicago, IL)

Just came across this thread while looking for the non-Buck rose "Prairie Peace," which seems pretty impossible to find (in the U.S. at least). Anyways...

I think there are actually well over 70 Buck roses, some of which are "lost." My current favorite Buck Rose is Honeysweet, which has been terrific two years in a row.

But I've also grown Chorale, Pearlie Mae, Country Dancer, Enchanted Autumn, Distant Drums, Earth Song, Folksinger, Gentle Persuasion, Golden Princess, Polonaise, Prairie Sunrise, Quietness, Serendipity, Sunbonnet Sue, Wild Ginger, Winter Sunset.

They vary a bit in quality though. Enchanted Autumn, Distant Drums, Earthsong, Polonaise and Prairie Sunrise, Quietness and Wild Ginger are pretty memorable. After waiting a long time to get them, Praire Princess and Sunbonnet Sue did horribly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Roses Photo Page

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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Those are some gorgeous pictures you've got there Jpw! I can sure see why Honeysweet would be a favorite. The colours on it are amazing! How long do the flowers last on Honeysweet? And are they large and/or fragrant?


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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

I too love your Honeysweet. I almost purchased it this spring but the supplier talked me out of it. They told me that it wasn't a vigorous rose on it's own root. I'll have to check and see if they have any next spring.
I have Prairie Peace. I can't say that it is my favorite by any means. It is pretty stingy with the blooms. The bushes are huge and healthy though.
I'm surprised that you think that Prairie Princess did horribly for you. It wasn't a favorite last year for me either, but this year it was amazing. It still is blooming it's little heart out. It's a bit lanky, but if I put it in an obelisk then that should keep it in place.

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Thanks for sharing your photos jpw_chi, I really like how you took many angles of each rose.

My one and only Hawkeye Belle Buck is still performing quite the show. I have plans for next year to buy more ;)


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jpw_chi(5b Chicago, IL)

Honeysweet's flowers are fairly large and fragrant to very fragrant. They're only okay, not great for cut flowers in a vase.

Incidentally, in terms of vigour, all of my roses are own-root. I've had no problems with Honeysweet on that score.

As for "Prairie Princess," it might just be the particular specimen that I received was not that great. It sure looked great in the catalog. (sigh)

Sorry to hear that "Prairie Peace" is underwhelming. I guess that's why it doesn't seem to be widely available. When I researched hardy roses, it seemed to come up a lot in Canadian lists of recommended hardy roses, and it sounded pretty good -- fragrant, pink/yellow blend with 50 petals and yet hardy to Zone 2.

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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

Good to know that your Honeysweet is on own root. Now I am kicking my butt about not ordering it.
My Prairie Princess took a year to settle in, as I am finding with the Buck roses here. The plants that I can buy are on the smaller side, so maybe that is the reason.
I'm hoping that that is the case with Prairie Peace as well, that it needs a few years to grow and produce canes before it blooms well. I've got a fair bit of cane growth from it this year. Come to think of it my Theresa Bugnet is acting the same as PP. They were both purchased last year and have similar leaves. Theresa Bugnet produces well for others with older bushes around here. Theres hope.

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