gazing ball

marricgardensJune 4, 2012

We bought one to put in the garden a few months ago. Now we are looking for something sturdy to set it on. We've looked at some of the obelisks but they won't do in this area because of the strong winds we get. Anyone have a neat idea for a stand? Thanks. Marg

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How about a nice heavy bird bath? Your DH is handy isn't he? You could drill drainage holes so you wouldn't get standing water.


How about two glazed clay pots, with one upside down and the slightly smaller one sitting on top of it?

How heavy is a gazing ball?

You're welcome to tell me if my ideas are lame, as I'm not all that good at creative ideas =:)

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The flower pots got me to thinking. What if I made one of those flowerpot men, turned the top pot upside down and put the ball in it?

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I would use the pedestal of a bird bath and attach it with two-part epoxy. There are several kinds that have a bit of bulk to them and take longer to dry, but you can set the ball in and it will not come off. (as someone who has a lot of experience making stones stick to each other)

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Places that sell statuary sell stands for gazing balls.

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Thanks for all the suggestions ladies. I did look at some statuary sights and kept thining I had seen something similar here. Finally it dawned, it takes a while, when we bought the farm there were some cement tubes here that look like a toilet plunger because they have a wide end. I still don't know what these would have been used for but there were about 12 here. I decided to paint one of then, sink it into the ground and then put the gazing ball into the wide end. Think that would work? I just hope the 'cup' is wide enough to hold the ball in place. Marg

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Sounds to me like that would work perfectly. Especially if you use the epoxy that northspruce suggested.

Make sure you post pictures =:)

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I have two gazing balls both are sitting in wine bottles that are half buried in the ground
Have had them for years and has worked fine to suit me.

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Marric- If that pipe is old water pipe be careful when cutting it. Old cement water pipe was made with asbestos so be sure to wear a mask.


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