How to keep brebas from falling off?

eukofiosMay 15, 2011

Each year my fig trees have lots of brebas, then most of them fall off. My spring is long cool and wet, summers short and dry, with limited heating spell and cool nights, then fall comes all too soon, chilly and wet. Because of that, the main crop is often late and I lose a lot of them. I would like to get as many brebas as possible, because they would ripen in the summer, and not spoil on the tree.

Problem is I don't know how to encourage the trees to hold on to their brebas. Currently I have a Desert King, covered with baby figs. This is a newer tree so I don't have experience with it yet. Also a Lattarula with many, and there are a fair number on my Brunswick, Chicago, and Petite Negri.

Thoughts I have had-

Prune off the branch tips.

Remove all baby figs except one, from each branch.

Fertilize with - what? Low nitrogen plant food? Miracle gro for tomatoes? dolomite lime?

The trees are kept pruned to under 8 feet tall, with open center like a bowl, for maximum sunlight in this cloudy climate.

Is there any success with any method to keep brebas?

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If grown in pot, keep in green house or do the daily shuffle - out in day when weather is better and back indoors in the evening. If it is an in-ground, its left to fate. I have trees growing right alongside(in-ground) the house, south facing which benefit from micro climate conditions, they do drop most but have better numbers that ripen than those left further away from the house. Desert King is most reliable with few brebas dropping.
I do not fertilize my in-ground trees. So far I have not started fertilizing any potted fig trees this season as the weather is too cool mostly around 12*C

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Try to grow cultivars that are known to retain breba like Desert King,English brown Turkey,Dauphine,and others.
Just ask the Forum people what cultivar keep Breba for them.
The dropping of Breba is in the genes for many cultivars,and there is nothing you can do to fix that ,yet some,chemical spray like giberelic acid,is used,but I do not believe it will work.

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Gentile is my favorite breba only,it has large figs of high quality.Ciao,

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Thanks for the comments.

Is there a source for Gentile fig? I googled and didn't find a place to buy one.

If I add that one, I might have to pull out an existing fig tree..... what a choice. Im guessing it will be brunswick, but whichever one doesn't produce this year could be in trouble.

I did add some diluted Miracle Grow for tomatoes, about 1/4 strength, around the breba producing trees. They do seem to be getting larger, but not yet at the stage where they often drop their brebas.

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