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gonegardening(7 VA)June 21, 2014

Good morning daylily folk:

Well, here in my part of VA, it is a misty overcast morning....which should be great for taking pictures...but. I am sooooo frustrated with my camera that I have just ordered a new body. Yay! It should be here on Monday (probably late Monday afternoon given when deliveries seem to arrive here) and so my plan is to be back on Tuesday with some...hopefully...spectacular pictures.

Until then, I will share these not-too-awful ones.

First up, from yesterday actually...I forgot this one, Green Rainbow:

...which has some marvelous scapes, something Tim Herrington's daylilies are famous for:

This, for the curious, is Daybloomer Dreams in context, sort of. It's a huge bloom. Today, however, it decided to bloom backwards, but nonetheless I think you can appreciate it in all its awesomeness. (grin)

This is one of the 2 remaining seedlings in my garden. It's one of Bob Faulkner's and I'm confident a few others have it as well. I like it. But, again, if you're curious, I'm pretty sure it stayed a seedling because while it puts up many scapes, they tend (at least here) to not have that many buds. Still delightful, though.

Good old Charming Charlie really is:

and what's not to like with scapes like this:

Pretty good for a daylily that came out some 14 years ago...before most of us even thought about things like bud count.

Here is a hair-puller-out-one...(picture-wise, that is)...Violet Sabrewing which is a darker purple:

Licorice Twist which also has nice scapes that you can kinda see. Some day I must move this one to join Snow Crab and Rose to the Occasion...two wonderful smaller the much missed Pat Cochenour...

And while I'm yakking about scapes...this is testament to how much difference moving a daylily can make...This is Ya Ya Girl who was on the road outta here, not doing much...but, a friend brought this one back to me from LA from a sale the famous Clarence Crochet had contributed daylilies to (including this one)...and so, shoot...I had to give it another chance, right? Looks like it's going to pay off:

A kinda washed out clump shot of Queen Kathleen:

I'll close with this one....because I am in a particularly feisty mood today (haha)...okay, all I'll tell you is that this is a double and it hits one of my personal pet peeves. (Just so you know, I don't think I've ever...ever...posted a picture of this one anywhere or talked about it.) To me, a double has to double...all the time. Hard and tough, that's me. You'll note that three of the six blooms open are not. The others qualify as doubling but really? It has to do better. Yes, I see it has magnificent scapes. It truly does. And, it has increased well. It has. But.

And, yes there are lots of weeds (ha)...however, as most of us know...if you're not on top of the weeds before the scapes come (clearly not me), well, pulling them out now results in broken scapes and knocked off buds. Too high of a price...


Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Until next time...

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So, what's the name of the single-blooming double? It looks like a pretty pink. Charming Charlie is always an early bird here and, when it's not blotchy, it's a beauty. It's in the front of one bed, so I evidently like it well enough not to have moved it. And you're right, good bud count on that one, too.

But my absolute fave is your Faulkner seedling. I wouldn't care if I got only three blooms a year with that face. What a looker!

Speaking of cameras, my computer wouldn't recognize my old camera anymore, so I foolishly bought an inexpensive Canon to replace it and the photos stink. I didn't realize I could buy a card reader for $10 and take the memory card out of the old camera, but that's what I plan to do for daylily photos this year.

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gonegardening(7 VA)

Ha, Chris, no names for it as that is tricky. Someone else will surely say it performs perfectly for them. I'm just saying that here, for me, it's not what I like. You know, traits like blooming in the foliage, etc...whatever. I'm just tired of doubles that don't makes it easier, though, on the downsizing. Besides, there is always a person who will say they like it fine when it doesn't double (not me). I know many things can affect it (the doubling).

I have been unhappy ever since I upgraded my camera. Ha. The hubs thought he was doing a good thing by taking my 'old' camera (which I liked perfectly fine and was rather used to) and then I was to buy something new. Usually, I think, newer is better...but, I have fussed continually about this camera.

Since I have plenty of nice Canon lenses, I'm just getting a newer older body (if that makes sense!). Hopefully, I will be soon back to fussing about other things. :) I am basically, I think, a slightly upgraded point and shoot person. It's beyond me to figure out nuances of color, etc. Just work!

Good solution, btw!

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shive(6b TN)

I love the dark color on Licorice Twist, and Charming Charlie is a charmer indeed!


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Thanks for showing us so much of the plant. Violet Sabrewing is a beaut, but not I suspect for here. Queen Kathleen is a perfectly proportioned cluster.

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Julia NY(6)

I always enjoy the comments gardeners make when posting pics. Your pics are fine and I'm enjoying seeing your garden.


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I, too, would like a newer older body. :o)

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

haha sure wish I could change my old body for a newer one that don't have so many problems.your photos are very good, I like them all.


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gonegardening(7 VA)

Oh Jean, you're so nice. You and Chris gave me a good laugh. Let's hear it for newer older bodies! Woohoo!

Thanks for the nice comments! Appreciate them.

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