Abraham Darby

debbie_z2June 13, 2008

I'm having abit of trouble getting some of the searched posts regarding Abraham Darby to come up, but wondered if anyone has successfully wintered this rose over and how big does it get if it comes through winter well.

I found a post from 2006 that Shelley ordered an own root one and wondered how it faired?



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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

Alive and well Deb.
It does have a fair bit of winter kill every spring. And isn't the biggest bush yet, but it was just a baby when I got it. Hopefully I will see lots more growth this year.
The third year roses usually leap.


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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Debbie, I tried one a few years back, and even with protection it didn't make it through the first winter. But maybe in a nice sheltered spot in your yard, that could make the difference, as mine was out in the middle of our windswept yard. I just haven't had any luck with those Austins, that's why I've switched to Buck's roses.

Shelley, you'll have to bottle up the fragrance from your Abe Darby and mail it to me, as that's the only way I'll be able to enjoy those lovely Austin scents.:(

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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

Was yours own root or grafted, Laurie?

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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

This was a few years ago, so they were probably grafted, Shelley. They were bought at one of the box stores, and bloomed well enough that summer. I'm sure own root Austins would have a much better chance in my yard....I'm just not sure where I'd go with them now, as I'm running out of room.

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Thanks Shelley & Laurie ... I gather that it better be an own root for any hope of making it.
I just love that rose and my sister planted one a week ago in Regina and said it was gorgeous. She will pick me one up and send home with my mother who is visiting down there right now, but she has to check first if it is grafted or not. (she wasn't sure and had thrown out the tag)

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Mine overwintered for 3 years, but each year it got smaller and smaller. Just didn't thrive. It's dead now. The first year was the only year when it was just beautiful!!


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I guess they went back to the nursery and nobody could tell them if it was own root or not and they picked me up another JP Connell instead (which was my second choice).
Mine is just starting to bloom (bought this year & so pretty!) I have a better chance of wintering over that rose than an Abe Darby, but still would love to have him someday.
Was yours an own root or grafted Carol?
I bought a body bag Graham Thomas at Home Depot in March and have it potted up and the buds are so heavy, that I have it staked. It is grafted, but am hoping to enjoy "him" for the summer (if it ever gets here)
It weathered a 20 minute hailstorm well last night, but my canna's are toast

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I bought one this year, hoping that with protection it survives. Last year I lost 3 of my tenders even though they were protected. I keep buying them anyways in the belief that they are worth it even if they don't make it

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ctufts(z4 Maine)

HI there,,I am new to the "farnorth" forum,,,but I saw the post about abraham darby, and I live in Zone 4,,and thought maybe I would have better luck with it here especially if I plant it on the south side of my house and well protect it with lots of straw over the winter. Any thoughts on this would be great. Ctufts

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Many of the hardy DAs are supposed to be good up to zone 4 with no protection, including Abraham Darby.

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Shazam, I doubt DA's claim that Abe would be hardy with no protection in zone 4. I planted him (grafted) 2 years ago, bud union 2-3" deep, and protected him with 10-12" of soil. We had tons of snow cover this winter, and still he died back almost to the ground. It was slow going this spring, and I thought I had lost him, but eventually he perked up and is now 3 feet high, and full of buds. All the rest of my Austins sailed through winter, as well as my HT's, so I'm convinced that pretty much any tender rose can be grown in the north, if protected well. And probably being in good health going into winter can't hurt. Abe is definitely worth the trouble.

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Sorry, Debbie, I just realized you are in Zone 2! You would probably need some advice from Riku on the Rose Forum, Zone 3 rose grower par excellence. Good luck.
p.s. I still think Abe is worth it.

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Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences...I think I will keep my eye out for Abe next spring.

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