Wet Vac Container

dieselerMay 3, 2010

My neighbor was throwing out this wet vac container and i asked if i could have it. I like to water my plants with rain water 1 day will break down and get several rain barrels hooked to my yard gutters. In mean time i filled it with about 20 gallons of water but now cannot move it on on the cobblestone walkway as i have had a hernia on each side and well there painful, its enough trying to move those 30g containers in the backround. Ignore the timestamp it always goes off date now when i have to fiddle with the batteries in camera to upload and it resets. I will put cober on it for now not to have a bug breeding ground and eventually use it for a potted fig plant.


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Nice Figs, what variety are they?

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Martin, That is really clever - I love it! It's going to be a great moveable fig pot.
I'm sorry that you are in pain.

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Ayyubaddeen thanks
The types are Vdb,JT,H.Chicago and EL.Sals, missing this season same size are Martins Unknown i gave away, and my Italian Unknown before i chopped it up i sent a few scion to California . I thin them out here and there if there not to my liking .

Hi Fignut (love that screen name)
No no not in pain that was in past im fine but im more carful now, its afterwards the healing that hurts like heck (long story)
Anyways yes it will be nice in the spring when i have to move it around in and out of garage , would like all mine to be like that would be nice !
Neighbor and i were talking today and he said he will keep a lookout if he see's anymore he's into getting things like mowers, my hand truck that i repainted and such. He is a wonderful neighbor to have as we talk each day about things and fig trees of course. I was just telling him next week i give him a VdB i rooted for him last season and he can put it in container that his el.sals was in as it died last year in his garage over the winter it would have been in its 3rd season. So now he will have a better tasting one in my opinion and im anxious to see what he thinks.

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