grasshopper repellents.

bjs496June 25, 2010

Hi All,

I am searching the internet for solutions to a massive grasshopper invasion. My trees are planted in a 7 acre field so chickens, guineas, shoes, pruning shears, etc. are out. Has anyone used either a hot pepper spray or an ammonia spray effectively without damaging the trees? The other options are a garlic spray (or a mixture of garlic and hot pepper) and Neem Oil.

Some trees have already been stripped bare, so I am looking for a quick solution.



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I have used a hot pepper WAX (for insects) to successfully repel mammals - deer and rabbits. Have not had experience with grasshoppers but I am replying because the wax lasts even after rains. I would estimate a couple of weeks at least and so would be a better bet than just hot pepper. This hot pepper wax is commercially available.

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Hi Cath,

Thanks for the reply. Some websites have raised concern about hot pepper solutions burning trees. Currently, our weather is approaching 100F with bright sun. Did you notice any effects/damage to the trees with the wax?


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I have my Figs right next to my pepper plants (Datil, Habanero, Cheyenne, Chile, Lady Finger, Bell). I have not had a problem with grasshoppers with my figs but I have had them with my Pepper plants. My problem was with Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers here in Jacksonville FL. they get about 3-4 inches long and have eaten my pepper plant leaves, watermelon leaves,eggplant leaves...I also have tomato plants but they have not touch those or the figs for some reason.. here is what the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper looks like (I killed 3 of them so far)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I've seen at least 4 different kinds of grasshoppers in the field (possibly different stages of the same type). My trees are planted in the middle of 7 acres. There are many dozens/hundreds of acres bordering the 7 I'm planing in. Every step through the field sends anywhere between 5 and a cloud of grasshoppers flying through the air. Whether I kill 3 or 3,000, it's not going to do me much good. I can not effectively eliminate them, hence the need for a repellent.

I noticed several posts on the forums indicating the grasshoppers preference for one plant over another (including different varieties of figs). I have found this to be somewhat true. It appears they will eat what they prefer first, then move on the "less desirable" leaves.

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I have used the hot pepper wax on Taxus (yew) and have not seen burning but my temperature highs are in the 90s, not 100s.

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