Rose's health to good to be true

schoolhouse_gwJune 22, 2010

My Henry Kelsey was the absolute best this season, growing lush, growing tall and blooming like never before. Bragged too soon I guess, because just now I checked it and something has stripped every leaf off of two lower branches and some other parts are yellowing.

I've been spraying for bugs and disease, but maybe too little or too much? Can't see any bugs, can slugs jump? There is still plenty of new growth and buds coming on, but I'm worried this yellowing and black spot and chewing will continue all over. Just a rose thing at this time of season?

Heat and humidity a factor? I shouldn't be surprised, this rose has usually suffered this every since I planted it, but it was SO happy this year. :(

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Several of my roses are doing that too. Too much rain and then BOOM! Instant July temps. The air is hot and humid, but the soil is dry. Haven't had one drop of rain since our 14 inches in two days time. Some of my tomatoes are doing that too. It got too hot too fast.
Tomorrow I am going to mix up some Miracle Grow and give them a dose like tonic. Miracle Grow promotes leaf growth in plants. Them I am going to pile on some hay around their "feet" and see if that helps. You can bet that soil is hot.

When I water them, the next day that moisture turns to steam and that rises up and cooks the leaves. If plants think there is a threat of drought, or get stressed out in some other way, they will drop their leaves to conserve their energy to stay alive. Trees do that too.

Darned goofy weather!

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