Does anyone have grasshopper trouble in the summer?

lavender_lass(4b)June 4, 2010

I've been reading that the western states may have a problem with grasshoppers this summer. I know a lot of farms in our area did last summer, but we were lucky and saw very few.

Does anyone have problems with grasshoppers? I'm in a rural area, but with the horses eating the grass down around the house and the creek bringing so much moisture into the air at night, I'm wondering if that makes a difference. Seems like the dry fields with grasses were hit the worst.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

I had a small population earlier in the year, but I think I got rid of most of them before they did too much damage.

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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

We have a huge grasshopper problem here in Northern Nebraska. Every year when the winter wheat gets cut in early summer, they invade and eat anything that is available to them. Namely my garden. They defoliate most of my garden plants every year. I do not use insecticides though because I don't want to kill beneficial bugs too. It just goes with country living I suppose. I stopped mowing the outlaying areas of the ranch a few years ago to give them more foliage to chew on than just my garden. It remains to be seen how bad they are here in town this summer.


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Yep. I bought some organic stuff from Abico that infects only graasshoppers and they eventually die from it and it worked fairly well.

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Memo- That's one of the things I wanted to know...whether leaving grass helps or hurts. My mom has an area that she doesn't mow (grass and weeds) and I think it's bringing the grasshoppers into her yard. If she keeps it mowed and watered, or does something to get rid of the dry grass and weeds, would the grasshoppers go elsewhere? She's on the edge of town, with fields about a block away.

As for our area, I'm wondering if more water and shorter grass is one reason we weren't invaded last year.

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