Please tell me I have a Black Mission Fig

jeroldrburrow(SoCal 10a)June 11, 2010

This fig is from a cutting I found growing wild in a ditch in the Southern California area -- specifically Bonita, CA. I figure, given the popularity of both in SoCal, it's either a Black Mission or Brown Turkey.

Please let me know what you guys think... (Click the picture below to see more pics.) Unknown Fig June 2010


Jerold Burrow

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mrhappy(z8 - Austin, TX)

Really nice leaves.

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Figs propagated from seeds like yours are NOT LIKELY to be true to its mother's type. Also, there is a 50% chance that tree could also be a male tree producing caprifigs that are not edible. If you want a Black Mission tree, you need to get one cloned propagated from cuttings taken from a known Black Mission fig tree.


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I will add,that if it was in a ditch,nobody plant a fruit tree in a ditch,so it is a seadling,coming from a seed for sure.

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jeroldrburrow(SoCal 10a)

Interesting point. My father in law ate one of the figs from the mother tree (in the ditch) and he said it tasted good. I guess this is why I hadn't thought of the mother tree as being from seed -- rather a discarded plant or something. I hope the figs turn out edible. I planted a couple known varieties just in case -- Panache Tiger Fig and Violette de Bordeaux.

Is it too soon to make an identification? Will I need to provide pictures of the ripe and sliced fruit? Will a positive ID ever possible?

Thanks again for your input!


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Since your tree came from seeds, it is a brand new fig cultivar unlike any other fig in the world. It has its own unique DNA with genes that came from both the mother and the caprifig that pollinated the seeds. This gives your fig tree its own unique growing and fruiting characteristics. If luck is on your side, it could turn out to be a very good fig......only time will tell.


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The two Varieties you are growing now ,In California Climate will produce some of the most awsome fruits,on the face of the earth,so I am sure you will have something to compare to,and a hybrid will have a very hard time comparing to Panache and Violette.
What Panache and Violette can dissapoint you is not growing as fast as your new mistery fig wich will be very vigurous,grow twice as fast as the other 2.

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jeroldrburrow(SoCal 10a)

Thanks everyone for the input! Herman - that's really good to hear about the other two varieties. At least I know I'll be set if the 'wild' fig doesn't pan out. I'll be sure to post back with an update when the fruit is ripe.


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