Longue d'Aout (breba)

leon_edmond(z7NM)June 28, 2011

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another beauty! How's the flavor?

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To be honest, the flavor wasn't that good for this breba fig. The size is impressive and that's why I posted these pics. The main crop figs are better flavored. This is one of the few varieties that survived a record low winter in Albuquerque this year.

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I agree, about Long dAout. Mine died back this year after our harsh winter, seemingly being a slow grower. Now, it is nearly 3 feet tall with figgy babies showing.

Leon, do you think this breba would have done better with more time or did it limp on the tree?

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There have been a few discussions about the Longue D'Aout being same as the Melanzana Merdascola.

1, What is your take on this?
2, The MM I have is still young but last year I took an over ripe fig and it was sweet with a hint of creme to it.
Does yours have the same taste or do you think both names are two different trees?


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I have both, I should be able to compare them side by side this year!

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Rafed & Jose, they are the same fig. It is also known as Slocan here. Fully agree with Leon on the huge breba size and taste. The main crop fig size is smaller but more productive and very nice flavor. In my opinion it beats many figs in the flavor category like Capelas, Stella, Deanna etc. Its reliable too. Definite keeper for me. Its hardy and its an outdoor tree in my yard. I even had 2 trees in a bucket where I left outside last winter. Only some die backs to the tips. Gave the 2 trees away as I have no plans to keep duplicates.

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