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Julia NY(6)June 11, 2012

Judy Davisson's dls are opening so I thought to show you a couple of pics I took today.

MEAN GREEN - yes, Julie (floota) you are an enabler. Definitely a keeper in the garden. I'm not seeing the edging as Judy shows on her website but then,this is a new dl planted this spring and first FFO. We shall see what the other blooms look like when they open.

WHAT'S UP DOWN SOUTH - Nice large bloom. Sun was coming up and backlit the bloom. FFO on this one too.

RIBBIT RIBBIT - opened a couple of days ago when it was cooler.

This is a pic of ROYAL EVENTIDE. Poor thing is having so much trouble opening and then not doubling then it was okay but not consistent. If you look at lower left corner the scape with yellow buds is the first I've seen so far this year. I know many people have encountered yellowing and dying buds. I have to say though, this cultivar has many scapes so we shall see how the others do with opening.

More to come as the dls are loving the rain plus heat we are having here. I took today off from gardening. My hands were hurting last night so I thought it was time to rest them a bit. Besides working in 90 degree temps is way too hot for me.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Those first two daylilies sure are beauties. I think we all really loved the pictures of MEAN GREEN posted last year. And now another lovely shot of this beautiful daylily.

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Nancy zone 6

Mean Green & What's Up Down South are wonderful! I like the name on Ribbit Ribbit too, cute name for a cute daylily.

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Julia NY(6)

Thanks for the comments. First time for me ordering from Judy. I was hoping to have some others blooming so I could dab some pollen but it will be awhile yet.


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Cindy zone 6a

Those are wonderful!! Such nice FFO's one both Mean Green and WUDS. I really like the look of Mean Green.
Rest your hands!!

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mizellie(z7 Al)

I like Mean Green too! Everything improves with age..Hehehe!! I have some dried buds too but it's been so dry here, I'm not surprised. Lots of rain the last couple of days though...Ellie

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

The first two are both stunning!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I likee the last one.. if your hands are like mine with arthuritis in them, resting them don't help a lot, but holding them under warm water a minute, does help for a little while.

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shive(6b TN)

I like the green throats on all three of your Davisson intros! Ribbit Ribbit is my favorite because it's a bitone, and it's lavender!


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Those are beauties. I think Mean Green is my pick.

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I really love Mean Green and Whats Up Down South and Ribbit Ribbit is a cutie.

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Julia NY(6)

Thank you all for the comments.
When I ordered MEAN GREEN, I read Judy's description and could relate to a color of apricot (yellow/orange) although her photo on my monitor tends to look pinkish toned. I enjoyed watching as the heat of the day would make the sepals and petals twist and curl. MG and WHAT'S UP DOWN SOUTH are very large blooms. Now I'm trying to decide if I should put a small planting of hyssop (blue flowers) and some yellow coreopsis in the planting area to fill in while the dls acclimate and increase.

Jean: I'm not sure if it is arthritis setting in or just the result of using the pump sprayer wore out my hands. They feel ten times better today.


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