Anyone grow passion flower vine?

debbiecz3(z3MB)June 26, 2008

I'm trying this for the first time this year. It's planted in a large pot with trellis against a south facing stucco wall. I wonder if this is too intense in regards to heat and full sun from about 11;00 am? Do they need a lot of fertilizer?

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

I started one from seed many years ago and it grew aggressively and never bloomed. I experimented and left it outside for it's second winter and it died. I now realize they are no where near zone 3 hardy.

Then, last week I saw one at the store that had a couple of flower buds on it, so I bought it. I figure that's a hopeful sign that this time my plant might actually bloom. According to my tropicals book ("Hot Plants for Cool Climates"), it says to plant against a south facing wall, especially in northern zones as apparently they love heat and reflected heat. Average watering needs, though in your warm spot against the house you may have to water more often. As for fertilizing, I think they have average fertilizer needs but too much fertilizer and they produce loads of green leaves but no blossoms. The book also said that in general the plant is never loaded with blossoms, but only a few on the plant at one time are enough to generate interest since the blossoms are so unique.

I put my new plant in a pot in almost full sun and made an obelisk out of bamboo stakes for it to climb on. I was going for the 'tropical' look. It's supposedly an aggressive grower which is fine by me, summer is only so long anyways.

Last time i had a passionflower vine (when I started from seed many years ago), for the first winter I just trimmed back and kept in a cool basement windowsill. I think I read that some passion flowers are hardy to zone 5 so I thought I would try overwintering in zone 3, not successful and apparently, they aren't that hardy in zone 5 without protection there.


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Thanks Glen. I have had a few blossoms open; they are certainly unusual and spectacular. My plant hasn't put on a lot of growth yet, I'm hoping it will take off now that we finally have some heat. I think I will just try to overwinter it in the basement, or maybe take some cuttings to try as a houseplant over the winter. Debbie

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Indeed plant the following variety up against the south side of your foundation and it should survive in zone 3 ... I know I'm gonna give it a try! Terry

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