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nat4b(4)June 7, 2012

Finally have something to post. I had nice clematis and peonies, but from daylilies only had Stella, for a month already (one more reason to keep it yet ;))

Now, the fourth flower on an early noid is looking better. It is its 5th year here and it is always the first one (from big flowers). It has its flaws, and there might be something better, but it's reliable early one, scape from every fan, and it reblooms. So I'll keep it and keep it.. :)

Happy Returns (I transplated it last year and the spot is somewhat shady)

And the rest some of what's blooming now, ones I like and don't

Yucca - I do not like it, I'd like to remove it, but it is not possible. It is in the shade, I never water it, total neglect, but it decided to flower this year that means it will multiply even more :s But I admit the flowers are kinda pretty

Clematis I don't know the name of. We grew it from a little twig :) On the other side of the fence it looks great too. The lighting is not good here but the color looks true. Love it!

And my favorite astilbe. Amethyst. It looks way better in person

Thanks for looking!

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If you could only see my pitiful little astilbe! Has to be in total shade or it will curl up and die. Now that is a gorgeous dramatic Astilbe.

And you couldn't ask more from a clematis than that beauty gives you.

The yucca i9s sensational, but I understand why you would rather it disappear.

And you early daylily is very pretty.

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Your NOID is very pretty and I would keep her too. I like Happy Returns also and have 2 big clumps, but this year with the weird weather, it had the tiniest flowers ever, about 1 1/2 inches. Yours looks like it is supposed to look. And I agree with you about the yucca, I think it looks out of place except in very arid areas like maybe Arizona.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Your Clematis is stunning with all those pretty purple blooms. I like HAPPY RETURNS and your No ID is very pretty!

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shive(6b TN)

Your NOID is a pretty one. I'd hang on to that one too! Your clematis is amazingly beautiful and abundant. I wish I could get one to perform like that. I get 9-12 blooms, and that's it.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

I don't get good blooms on the clematis but yours is gorgeous. Yuck for the yucca. I can't get rid of mine either. Spanish Dagger.. If you leave a hair sized root, it flourshes. I'm not hot for Happy Returns but your NOID is pretty.. Ellie

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

I think your NOID is very nice and with that kind of performance it would be a keeper for me too. Your clematis is gorgeous and your astilbe is a beauty too.

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Nancy zone 6

I've been working on getting rid of a yucca, as you said, impossible. But I'm trying. The blooms are pretty though. Lovely clematis. And your astilbe! I have that one too, but mine isn't nearly as tall, although better than most years. I guess it likes the cooler temps we've had. Your noid daylily is very pretty too, gotta love those early ones.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I really like the noid one, its very pretty.zthe astillbe is too and that clematis is gorgeous.


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natalie4b(7b GA)

Your NOID gets my vote! Astilbe is stunning - wish my grew as wholesome and big. How long did it take for clematis to go from a twig to this amazing spread? Wow!

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Thanks a lot everybody!

Hehe, I thought my astilbe was pitiful. They don't grow very well here, I talked to several people here and they complained. Two of mine curled up and dried this year.
Clematis, I sure with I knew the name to recommend it. We got a twig in the fall of 2008, already next year it was big and covered in flowers. I have Huldine, it's smaller flowers too, also lots of blooms. But two more with normal clematis flowers, big ones, only give 2-3 flowers, but they are only 2yo.

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Julia NY(6)

Beautiful clematis. You could post it on the Clematis forum here on GW and see if anyone can help you identify it.


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Maryl zone 7a

What a nice group of plants. I really like your red noid and Happy Returns does just that - it returns. No matter how much I neglect it, there it is next spring....I'm so blessed that someone stopped me from planting a Yucca all those many years ago when I first started gardening. The flowers are beautiful, but it takes a stick of dynamite to get rid of the plant itself. And your Clematis is magnificent..... So glad you posted all your beauties...Maryl

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Thanks, Julia. I tried that, though don't remember here or on some other forum. I asked if it could be Jackmanii (sp) and they said it could be :) Last year and year before that I was on the quest to find names for my plants - clematis, peonies, rose and daylilies. Succeeded only with (some) daylilies :)
Maryl, thanks. Good you didn't plant yucca! There's a hilarious thread about it here on GW. Here yuccas are in almost every yard, might have been popular 50 years ago ;)

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My favorite is your Noid and of course your stunning clematis.

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