shasta late to arrive

stimpsonJune 16, 2008

I have an alaska shasta daisy and a dwarf shasta. It is mid june and all I have is one small leaf on the alaska and nothing on the dwarf. I lifted up on the dwarf and it looked like new roots were growing. Should I give up on these or will they come back? I has been a very cold spring here, especially at night.


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stimpson, its hard to tell if they'll come back or not. I'd be inclined to ditch them because even if they do come back they may be stunted. They're easy enough to start from seed or get off a neighbor :') Shastas are very hardy and should have been up and growing strong by now. Even with our cool spring here in zone 1 mine were probably 8-10 inches high by mid-June. Maybe you'll come across some stray seedlings around the plants if they bloomed last year...i'm finding a zillion of them in my flower beds :(

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