In the Ghetto . . .

gottagarden(z5 western NY)June 13, 2010

. . . Pot ghetto, that is.

Every year I pot up a couple hundred extra plants (need to make room for more :-) and donate them to various plant sales for the Master Gardeners, garden club, fundraisers, etc.

I used to keep them right next to the house, but they were such an eyesore that I've now made a spot for them behind the kids playhouse. Now they're out of sight, but always out of reach of the water hose. When they were next to the house I had a handy faucet, now I have to lug a house and sprint back and forth between the house to turn it on/off.

How about you ? Do you have a "pot ghetto"? How do you keep it under control? From The Garden in June

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

The pot getto is next to the pink house. I can see it from the purple porch so I know when it needs water, but it's screened from the front areas with a shrub. Behind the pink house is completely full of trees in pots.
The porch of the pink house is smothered in brand new babies too small for scorching sun...
I also have a plant house we haven't been using, and plans for a greenhouse with a small shade house attached....

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Wow. I thought I had a lot of pots until I saw that! Mostly mine are just spring bulbs I planted up that refuse to die so I can bag them until fall. Mine are hidden beside my shed.

I have them on their side so the water will drain out. The other day my mom was visiting and was helping me around the yard. She put them all upright, thinking they had fallen. It rained hard that night. haha. Oops. I think they're okay, though.

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it's about time I do the same. Can't throw away a plant but I do need to thin out many plants.

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I don't have a pot ghetto -- my garden is still too young, so I'm planting the extras out in the garden. I'm sure I'll reach that stage of extras--- in about 10 years? :-)

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Nice!! I put some pots (and extra ws containers that haven't germinated yet) behind the shed and tuck a few here and there behind trees around the yard.

Regarding the watering issue...I always keep buckets of water in areas of the yard where I may need to get some fast, like near the pots or veggie garden. You can also buy a big plastic trash can (with lid) at Lowes to keep water in. I keep rainwater in mine and use it to brew compost tea in.

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newbiehavinfun(7a - Southern NJ)

I have a solution: send all the plants to meeee! :-) hahaha

I'm in the same stage as wonbyherwits. One day....

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Wow, your Pot Ghetto is beautiful to me!
I love a cottage Garden where there are pots and pots of plants waiting to go out into the garden or go to a new home and I love stacks of empty pots and can with tools, etc, etc. You have that look I love. You are so organized and tidy. A place for everything. I don't have that, so mine tends to get into a mess really fast. Constantly having to stack and restack my empty pots and move thnigs out of the way.
I just love your home and gardens.

Thanks for posting this topic.
You are a busy lady with all the work you do for those organizations, your family, your home and gardens. Wow! You must be a whirlwind Super Mom.

Lovely picture.

You outta open a little backyard nursery and sell things. Well, you could anyway. Gorgeous plants.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

At least your pot getto looks neat and organized. Its actually pretty attractive. The only times I have a pot getto is when I just haven't yet gotten a chance to plant everything. Not found of having a pot getto myself.

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A couple of ideas for you. I have what I call my potting area next to my potting shed behind a fence. I keep extras, annuals that I might be rooting, ws containers and new purchases that I haven't gotten around to planting. I'm able to have a hose in there permanantly. I have a shut off on the wand. The other thing is that I have a gutter on the backside of my shed that runs into a big tank that I can easily dip a watering can in. Here's a picture. Maybe you could put a gutter on the playhouse.

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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

I have a 80 gal rain barrel that makes life easy for watering to hard to reach pots


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I have a pot ghetto behind the potting shed. It's just some shelves I put up to stack extra pots when they're not in use. It didn't hold all of the extra pots after a while though, so I moved an old bakers rack out to the west side of the potting shed to hold some more. Inside the shed I have shelves on one side and the potting bench on the other. I have some pots and baskets stacked on the floor under the shelves. On the back wall I have all my long-handled tools and a small metal closet with shelves to hold plant food and such. There are some pots in there also. And... there are always a few pots blowing around in the yard because of the strong winds we have here.

I can't seem to let go of even the flimsiest little nursery pot. I think it's a curse.


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This is the first year that I have had a ghetto. I gave tons on plants to 2 friends and they were thrilled, which made my day. I still have more. I guess I'll just let them in pots till next spring. They are more seedlings so I guess they'll be alright. Right now I'm hiding them behind the kids treehouse.

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That is a very generous thing you are doing.

I would make it a little easier on myself. I would locate a pot ghetto near a hydrant. Maybe some graduated step shelving. I think it would look wonderful! If things get too neat and perfect, they make me nervous......I want a little chaos in my gardens.

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