Hugera Fig?

DalerjJune 24, 2012

My wife was at Sam's club in Ohio and saw fig trees on sale. She bought me one. It was tagged Hugera. I can't find anything about this variety. Let me know any information you may have or send me a link to find out about this variety. Thanks, Dale

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I'm somewhat knowledgeable about fig names and I've never heard of it, nor did I find any reference to it in the two major references I use for figs. The plant that produces edible figs is Ficus carica, but there are many other ficus plants whose common name includes the word "fig," so what you have might be one of those. Also, most any ficus is unlikely to survive a Michigan winter without special measures, so it's possible that what your wife bought was a decorative houseplant. Is there a scientific name on the tag? Often, nurseries make up fanciful common names for plants they sell. Can you simply call the nursery that wholesaled the plants to Sam's Club and find out what you actually have? In any case, a photo posted here might prove helpful.

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Hugo is fig in spanish and Hugera is like fig farm.
I dont know if that helps or not.

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"HIGUERA" is just the Spanish word for "FIG TREE"....

That label means your looking at a fig tree. BUT, what variety? If there are no other identifiers, try contacting the growers,vendors for the information.

If you strike out, post photos of the leaves, whole ripe figs, and figs sliced vertically through the eye to stem...and place a ruler next to them so we can judge size of leaves and fruit. Then the guessing game will begin, and if you're luck, you'll have a good idea about what fig you are growing. Post some photos of the plant and leaves never know if someone will recognize your plant.


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