Cheyenne Botanic Gardens and High Plains Arboretum

sluiceOctober 18, 2010

Took a drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming this weekend.

According to the Arboretum website:

"In 1876, Mrs. Nannie Steel reported that that there were only twelve trees in the town. Cheyenne now has a healthy urban forest, surrounded by an arid, treeless, windy prairie."

On the outskirts of town. Here's what some of the arid, treeless, windy prairie looks like.

Pinus aristata, at the Botanic Gardens

Pinus flexilis

Picea pungens, trimmed hedge

Picea pungens, fastigiate form

Populus tremula 'Erecta', Swedish columnar aspen

Weeping spruce, could not find label

Low growing spruce, could not find label

Taxus X Media 'Densiformis'

Juniperus scopulorum, near roots of Picea pungens

Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina)

Picea glauca 'North Star'. They had two, and I took pics of both.

Scarecrow at the Children's Garden. Lots of fun activities for the kids.

Fastigiate Juniperus scopulorum, at the Arboretum (15 minute drive from the Botanic Gardens).

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

I like a lot of those... did you happen to cut any sticks off that Aspen? I'll betcha that's easy to root. Stick em outside in a prepared bed and let nature do the rest.

Thanks again Nate,


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bernd ny zone5

One home owner once used a row of such populus to screen off a multi-story apartment building. I lived there for 20 years and never saw branches come down. These trees grew very fast and were cold hardy, good for Sweden and central Europe. Due to the density of their branches, even in winter some kind of privacy screen was maintained.

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salicaceae(z8b FL)

Actually the Swedish aspen is difficult from cuttings - and impossible without a mist-bench. They are usually propagated via tissue culture and/or suckers. I grew this cultivar in MN and OH and it is very nice and long-lived compared to most poplars. It is quite common in the trade now.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Interesting Sal, I'd of never guessed that.



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On tour with a band I used to be in, we spent one night at a hotel in Cheyenne. That's some BLEAK country. Next day, we were bound for,IIRC, Fort Collins, CO. Some distance out of Cheyenne, we needed gas for the van. We had turned down the highway that heads S. to CO and noticed a trailer, a couple sheds, and some junk, but there was a gas pump. I was nearest the sliding door so I got out to inquire about fuel. I knocked on the trailer door for a few minutes. Finally, a scruffy dude who looked a lot like Festus Hagen from Gunsmoke opened the door. I asked about gas, he said 'no, he didn't have any' I asked..if we were to continue down that road what we would find in the way of petrol. His reply......"Nothing". I rephrased my question and he just cocked one eye and repeated..."Nothing". We went back to Cheyenne.

Sorry about the OT, but that has always stuck in my memory. That and the extreme bleakness of the landscape in that region. Kind of cool in it's own way though. I find it surprising actually that they are able to grow any trees out that a way. That southern and central stretch of Wyoming is the most desolate bit of country I've ever seen.


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the 2 unidentified "weeping" and "low pine" should be a norwegian pine and a bristle cone pine. i want to clone the the B/C.

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the fastigiate scopulorum juniper looks very nice.

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