Some first blooms and others

nat4b(4)June 13, 2012

It's cold again today. Cold for them, it was a very comfortable night for me :)

This is not first bloom, it's Happy Returns with tradescantia, I like the color combination.

Wild Horses today was affected by cool morning, and didn't open fully, but still looks ok

Russian Rhapsody FFO - not fully open

and Russian Ragtime FFO - again one petal sticks out

Navajo Princess FFO - now this was open! I forgot maybe it's nocturnal.. In any case it looks like it is not going to be ML here

Mama's Cherry Pie FFO - was a good opener today :)

Eyes on the Prize 2FO - what a difference in color with the first one

Cherry Burst FFO - almost open :) My DH picked it when we were at one open garden, and since he usually notes that most of my daylilies look alike I thought I'd add this, and I like it!

Seventy times seven was open and ready for a picture

From the other flowers, first and those that started recently only Siloam Double Classic was open correctly, well I shouldn't say correctly ;) it was nice and flat, but still not double.

Thanks for looking!

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The first photo of Happy Returns and the tradescantia is very nice. They do make good companions, and I like the thread like yellowish plant in the grouping also. When Eyes on the Prize scrolled into view my eyes popped open. I also like Cherry Burst, Mamas Cherry Pie and Seventy times Seven. You have a lovely collection today.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I like your daylily blooms. Happy Returns looks nice there in the garden shot and all your purples are lovely. Eyes on the Prize is my favorite, looking really good!

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shive(6b TN)

Wow! Eyes On the Prize has really improved its color. I really love this version. Seventy Time Seven is a really pretty peach. I've thought about adding that one. Your husband has good taste in daylilies. Letting him pick out a few would probably add some diversity in your garden. I've found the "mistake" plants and bonuses I receive have helped punch up my gardens because they're not the types I tend to buy. Who can resist a yellow and blue combo. I used to grow Sentimental Blue balloon flowers with my Happy Returns until they died during our 3-year drought. Wild Horses and Russian Ragtime are always eye candy for me. I can tell you like those purple eyes!


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Thanks Christine, Rita, Debra!
I checked on them at noon, finally Berry Delicious opened, and I had to help one of its flowers because it had too much ruffles. Several flowers failed to open at all :s
It's an overcast day today. I wonder maybe that's why Eyes on the Prize was so dark, I sure do like it better that way.

But look who I find in the tree :) Meet Max the cat, who thinks he is a squirrel or something

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Max the Cat is a pretty adventous kitty. Maybe he is chasing a squirrel.

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I love Max the Cat! The daylilies are lovely, and Eyes on the Prize is my pick of them.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

I really like the yellow and blue color combination and Wild Horses is always a favorite for me, but I think my favorite today is Seventy Times Seven.
Max is quite the adventurer. Hope he knows how to get down.

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Beautiful pics! I really like Navajo Princess & Eyes on the prize. But I love the first pic.! Rena'

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Wild Horses is my favorite though it was hard to pick one favorite out of this bunch. What a great photo of Max he looks like quite the explorer all he needs is a spyglass to
complete the picture.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Nat, how are you getting daylily blooms already? The only ones I have blooms on are what I call 'cheat' blooms from the late fall-planted Maryott's. And my Navajo Princess doesn't bloom til like late yours confused this year or does it always bloom this early? I haven't seen my Eyes on the Prize bloom yet since she was newly acquired but I see scapes coming. My favorite of the daylilies is Wild Horses but my most favorite is the adorable Max in the treetops. I love how he's standing on his cute!


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Thanks again, ladies!
Val, I stayed under the tree until he got down, to help him just in case.
Linda, LOL about spyglass, exactly!
Max (pronounced like Mocks) is the kitten my DH found on a parking lot on one of the coldest days last November. He was so scared and hungry, poor thing. I wanted him to be a house cat, but.. he loves outside SO much

Celeste, I am surprised my daylilies are so early, about 3 weeks to a month early. Some of those from this post flowered first time in July last year. And Stella started in the beginning of May! And yes, Navajo Princess was early last year too. I hope you'll love your Eyes on the Prize, it's nice.

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