Two plants I am enjoying lately

MilaBJune 28, 2013

I have never posted any pictures here before, and I am always in awe of the spectacular plants y'all post. These ones are not spectacular, they are just really pleasant, and a garden needs a few pleasant fillers between the spectacular plants, right? :) Anyway, a few neighbors have asked about these, so now I feel the urge to spread the word about their...pleasantness!

So first, is this Betony (Stachys humelo, related to lamb's ear). Even before it flowers, I really enjoy how it has a lush, compact shape. It always looks so nice and tidy, and helps balance things out when I feel like I have to many airy, feathery plants. And then the flowers are nice (not spectacular, but very nice!) and last forever and are very popular with bees and unpopular with pests. And they self seed in a nice way, not in an aggressive way, and just very easy to grow.

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Very pretty MilaB! It looks so nice with the lamb's ear, small daisy flowers and the yellow in the background.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Very pretty! You are so right about the need for something with that nice compact shape. Since I don't have full sun anywhere except the deck, I have used hosta for that, but I may just have to risk trying a Stachys next year-or maybe this if I come across one as lovely as yours are!

Now, what is the other plant? I will be looking for another picture from you soon! :)

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Oh, I thought I posted the other one! Whoops! Okay, let me try again. It is this purple (annual) fan flower. I bought it on a total whim when I went to the nursery in the mood to buy and didn't see any of the plants I was looking for. It didn't even have a tag so I didn't know what it was for about a month. I got one hanging pot for about $14, and divided it up into four plants, and it has just grown and grown and bloomed and bloomed! They never stop looking lush. And look how many holes just one little pot filled. I wish I had taken a picture a couple of weeks ago when the hydrangeas were more lovely, because they looked so good coming around and through the purply blue clusters. I don't do a lot of annuals, but I definitely will do this one again next year!

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cyn427, I have found they can take a little more shade than I expected. I have one growing in a fairly shady spot (next to some hostas!) and it is doing fine.

joydveenc7, the little daisy flowers are feverfew, another plant I could wax rhapsodic about. It self-seeds perhaps a little too freely, but I just love the way it looks popping up in odd places adding a bit of its sunniness.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Love the fan flowers, too! They are wonderful. I have three hanging baskets with scaevola on my deck every year. So carefree.

Your gardens are lovely!

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Love both gardens,purples are one of my very favorites in the gardens.

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Mila, I have Texas Betony, it's red, and you described it perfectly, not spectacular, just a nice plant to grow.

Your garden is so pretty!

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How very lovely your pictures are! Thank you for sharing them and the information too.

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Texas betony is new to me, I had to google it! Very pretty. Ogrose, I would love to see a picture of yours.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Oh, I can only hope that my stachys hummelo get to look as great as yours. I've moved them about 3 times so I keep setting them back! Love the photos you've posted. Is that 2nd photo right at your front door/entryway? Beautiful!

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thinman(Z5 MI)

Very pretty, Mila. I enjoy the Stachys hummelo too, though mine isn't blooming yet.


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Yes, that is my front door with the lattices around it (there are Queen Elizabeth climbing roses growing on it, but you can't see them very well in that photo and they aren't in bloom right now). I am a VERY novice gardener, and I don't know what I was thinking starting my gardening adventures in my front yard where all my MANY mistakes were on view to everyone walking by. Thanks to all of you for your positive affirmation. Very much appreciated!

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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

Lovely gardens and beautiful plants. I love the brick pathways you have threading through the plants! The only gardener you need to please is yourself so don't worry about what the neighbors think! Just enjoy the journey.

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