Salt Damage?

CLBlakeyJune 12, 2012

I have trying to be patient waiting for certain plants to rear their heads but am sad to report I have lost 3 bleeding hearts on clump of day lilies and a peony this year my only thought or question is could it have been salt damage from the walk way. This winter was melt and freeze so had to salt more than normal. Has anyone else experience this with flowerbeds by walk ways?


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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Oh yes. Not only with the lawn but also my irises along the south side of the house beside the sidewalk. :(


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

You can get salt that doesn't damage plants. I think it's potassium something. We use it at work and it doesn't harm the grass or the verbascum that we put it straight on top of.

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Yes, a calcium-based or potassium-based or ammonium-based salt will do far less damage than the standard, cheaper, sodium-based salt. I keep both on hand -- I use the cheaper sodium salt (sodium chloride) on the city sidewalk at the end of my driveway (which backs onto the street, not flower beds), and the more expensive mostly calcium-chloride salt for my driveway, stairs and paths, where it will end up getting shovelled onto the gardens or the lawn.

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I suppose cheaper (44 cents a bag)isn't always cheaper in the long run :(

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