Smoke Bush

debbiecz3(z3MB)June 1, 2009

Anyone in the Winnipeg area grow this gorgeous shrub? Just had to have one, now hoping I will be able to keep it alive in our prairie conditions. What is your experience with it?

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I know of several people who have tried to grow them but they were winter killed. My brother in Thunder Bay planted one right up by the house last year. Told him I doubt it would live. Must ask him if it did. Will let you know.

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Heard from my brother and his Smoke bush is DEAD!

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I know of a large specimen in Edmonton and one in a yard just over a mile away from me. Both of these are hardy to the tips. I planted one last summmer and it came through winter okay, but not great ... it was totally covered with snow during the long cold winter. I think I'll ask the local fella if I could layer a branch from his.


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I bought to smoke bushes on sale last fall. I planted one in my yard and all the top is killed but it is coming back from the base. The other one I left it out in its pot because i did not have time to plant it. Low and behold it is also alive and coming from the base!!!!!!!!

Terry is the large smokebush in Edmonton in a public place?
Also, earlier this year I had discussed butterfly bushes with you and both my pink delight and royal red are coming back from the base. I went out this spring to salisbury and bought the bicolour one for $10. How are yours doing?

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Hi Andres .... yes, the smoke bush I had seen in Edmonton is situated along the south side of a church near downtown.

The butterfly bushes are slow this spring because of the cool temperatures, but are poking along. I notice that Salisbury gets a good number of varieties in.


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I have two smoke bushes planted on the east side right up against the house. I get a bit of winter kill but it's not too bad:) I am zone 3, near Edmonton.

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