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ddwwaJune 14, 2011

My figs have froze out the last two years. This spring however, sprouts are coming up around the start from last year. Can I seperate them and get more starst with out damaging the main root ball? The starts from lst year are starting to show buds so it isn't a complete loss. Thanks for your input. I really like this site.

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You can try but I would wait. You need a good amount of roots to allow them to be cut from main. Too little amount of roots would just make it a failure.

I would put in a pot to acclimate first to living off main but you can just stick in ground. Put in shade and slowly adapt to partial sun then full. If you must use a fertilizer, use a slow release. Too much will just kill it.

You can wait until fall when its goes dormant. Less stress on all involved.

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Thanks NYPD5229. I keep reading about people getting starts from clippings and I guess I was thinking more along those lines when I said root ball. It has all these sprouts coming up and I guess I was thinking of clipping them off to start them somehow.

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