How to Get Rid of Yarrow

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)June 13, 2010

I've been trying to rid an area of my yard of an annoying weed. I've pulled it out many times, and recently broke down and put roundup on it, which I only do in extreme cases. I then covered it with those rubber tree ring things, and today when I looked, they're not dead!

At the grocery store today I saw someone actually paying good money to buy my weed. It appears I probably have yarrow.

If I cover the darn things with black plastic for a few weeks, will they die? Or, do I have to dig to China first?

Has anyone successfully gotten rid of yarrow? I'm finding small bits of it in the lawn =:(

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I have it here and there. It was purposely planted by the previous owners and it's mainly a lawn weed for me now because I stay on top of it in the flower beds. I can vouch that Roundup will get rid of it because I made a new bed last year with roundup and that area had yarrow in it. It can take 2 weeks for RU to completely kill some plants. You just think it didn't work then suddenly the plants are dead.

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Northspruce I can only wait and hope.

It's pretty ugly if you ask me. I sure don't know why someone would plant it. It definitely looks like a weed. I would have never known if that "crazy person" wasn't buying one today. And all those teensy weensy roots sure don't pull up =:(

Speaking of someone planting it. I was looking up yarrow on the search section, and if you can believe.....crazy_gardener Sharon had a picture of it in her yard. I was pretty surprised.

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Apparently some of the cultivars of yarrow are less invasive. For me personally, I don't even want to look at the cousin of something I hate that much. For this reason I won't plant yarrows or any campanulas either.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Hey, i have yarrow in my gardens, and it can get pretty weedy, but i just pull it out. It got a good thinning today, as a matter of fact.

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bdgardener(3 AB)

Love my yarrow, I have dark pink and a light pink. I have it in an area that does not get watered much. Guess I'm lucky. C

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Oh, Oh

I have this new garden bed all across the front of my house and right up along the sidewalk
eight feet wide or thereabouts and more than 40 feet long

Just put it in last year and it is looking not to bad, first year
I put in Iris, day lilies, salvias, russian sage, sedums, some small shrubs that I bought end of last season for 75%off.

Just stuff from other garden beds and bargains.
One of the bargains was a large pot of yellow yarrow.
It looks terrific this year, so far. Just one plant, a large plant and a nice bright yellow

Looks so good and people walking by have commented on it, the flowers last and last, so I have been out looking for more of it . Bought half a dozen smaller pots of different colours today and was a little excited about putting these plants into the bed for next years show.

I don't want that
This bed will not be watered much and the soil is not fancy nor am I intending to mulch and all that stuff
Just keep it neat and showy through summer time
So would you folks say, don't plant the yarrow
How about if I just cut off the flowers before they seed
Need advise

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I've had Moonshine Yarrow for about 8 years and only divided it twice. The foliage is grey and the flowers are a soft moonshine yellow. I hardly ever water and it seems to be very slow growing. Marg

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north53 Z1b MB(zone 1b Canada)

I wouldn't call it a weed and in certain locations it is great.
There are many different types, and some are clump forming and very well behaved. However, I believe it's the achillea millefolium that are inclined to spread. I have a deep red one that I contain by planting in a container. Probably a barrier would work better. The one in the container happened by accident. My sister had requested a clump, and I potted it up for her. When she forgot to pick it up, I sunk it in the garden. It's been there for years.
I also cut off the fading clusters of flowers to prevent seeding.
Now, A.ptarmica 'The Pearl' is a spreader. I've just planted some that is supposed to be superior and not be as aggressive. We'll see. But even in my heavy clay bed, I didn't find the old one difficult to dig out. It gets pretty white button flowers.
Moonshine is highly recommended in my perennial book. It is a non-spreader.
So Diane, don't panic. Your yellow may be a filipendulina or Moonshine, both of which are clump forming. I have a very old clump of a yellow that I love. It's never spread or self seeded. I don't know the variety though. In an effort to have more of it, I planted seeds of Parker's variety. Now that one self seeds like mad. I may be regretting unleashing that in my garden. But the flowers are very nice.

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Thank you for the replies and further information

I am going to plant what I bought, and give it a try
The yellow plant I have might well be Moonshine

The foliage is a feathery grey and attractive.
I shall keep an eye on the new plants and if it indicates spreading to much get it out right away

I want this particular one year old large bed to be more or less maintenance free. Is there really such a thing?

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

"I want this particular one year old large bed to be more or less maintenance free. Is there really such a thing?"
Not around my yard! LOL

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LOL I don't have any gardens that are maintenace free either. What is the trick for that???

I have had Yarrow 'paprika' for years. I wouldn't call it a weed. But it does spread. I just chunk it back in the spring and its fine. This year however it ended up with a large ant hill in the middle of it, and it barely came back.

I had a mixed one that a friend gave spread more. I had to chunk it out in the spring and again mid summer. Evenually I needed the room for something else and pulled it out. One colour had been more aggressive than the other 2 and that was all that was left.

There is the white weed one in the lawn...but no where near where I had planted the colours....and I know others have complained about it in their it is just another weed here in the city.


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trisha_51(5 Nebraska)

The white one is a 'weed' all over Alaska. Sometimes down here on the Kenai, I see some that are light pink with the white ones.

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Pudge 2b

That white yarrow, the Pearl, is a great filler for cut flower bouquets - lasts a long time in the vase. I cut them back before seed sets so haven't had many issues with that.

I have Cloth of Gold yarrow (Achillea filipendulina) and love it - a beautiful bright yellow, tall and strong stems. It also lasts a long time as a cut flower and will dry and hold its form and colour really well, too.

I also like Achillea millefolium, but I keep only one clump of it and make sure to deadhead. Actually, lol, that also goes into bouquets or dried stuff so I rarely have seedlings.

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I sure wish my ugly yarrow was the Pearl.

I googled it and it's pretty.

I just keep finding ugly annoying clumps where they certainly don't belong =:(

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I had the weedy white yarrow when I moved into this house. I got rid of it by yanking and literally sifting the soil between my fingers and removing all the roots I could find. The roots stay in the top couple inches of soil. Laborious but it worked. Don't chuck all yarrow though. This variety is the only one that gets out of control.

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mamahoohoo(2a Regina SK)

I think Yarrow is a lovely plant as long as it's kept under control. It's also helpful in repelling some insects, attracts bees, and is useful to make potpourri and a tonic tea (if you can stand the bitterness). It is also happy with whatever water mother nature decides it can have, so works well for xeriscaping.
I don't control it gently - I just grab a plant where the blossom is about to fade and pull it root and all, as well as smaller ones that are trying to spread to where I don't want them. Sometimes I get a big root with a few babies at the end, sometimes not. The few smaller plants that are left over get the same treatment next year. It's worked for 6 years so far.

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